You Can Soon Pay for Gas Inside Chevy Cars

There have been many very exciting tech innovations during the past several years. Many of these innovations come from the automotive field. Chevy has been one of the companies that has done quite a bit to improve the tech that is used inside of all their cars. Their ability to innovate has continued by creating a way for drivers to pay for their gas without the need to get out of their car. The system will be installed inside the dashboard of certain cars. It is currently in the testing phase in several cities including Detroit.

The catch is that you will need to buy your gas at Shell stations because they are the only company that has partnered with General Motors at the present time. The driver will need to download the Shell app and set up gas payment in order for the service to automatically bill your account. The good news is that the service will not require the driver to use another data plan to access the service. It will use the 4G LTE connection that is already available in many cars. It remains to be seen when the service will be available all around the country. It will depend on how successful it is in the cities where it is currently being tested.

Chevy has been talking about creating a service where people could pay for their gas inside their car for several years. However, the technology was not quite right to make it work effectively. Now the development of smartphones and 4G technology have allowed this new app to be created by Shell in conjunction with Chevy and its parent company General Motors.

There are a number of advantages to using a system like this to pay for your gas. First of all, you will not need to get out of your car in cold or rainy weather. You will also not need to put your credit card in the slot at the pump where your number could possibly be stolen. In fact, you will not even need to have your card with you in order to pay for gas.

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