Xiaomi and Baidu Unite to Undertake AI and Internet of Things

Xiaomi, a technology maker à la Apple, and Baidu, a high-powered Chinese search engine, will collaborate to develop artificial intelligence and the internet of things.

The companies revealed their partnership at Xiaomi’s Beijing conference on Tuesday. Baidu claims the title of the third highest valued public Chinese technology business, and Xiaomi is globally known as a very profitable privately-owned company.

Boasting a financial backing of $86 billion, Baidu concentrates on tech like AI and deep learning. Xiaomi, on the other hand, has made its name known in China and in developing markets with its low-cost devices.

Although this is the partnership’s first public outing, several Xiaomi devices contain Baidu’s operating system DuerOS, which was unmarked as a product of the company until now.

The two companies are not making all details of their collaboration public at this point. However, we know they will develop technologies related to computer optics, voice recognition, deep learning, and further improvement of DuerOS. Future projects could include self-driving vehicles and robotics as these are two of Baidu’s interests.

If this collaboration leads to advancements beyond the Chinese market, it could validate the perks of tech sharing and establish both businesses as even stronger competitors in their respective fields.

In particular, Baidu has previously proven its commitment to alliances with hardware companies in order to promote its technologies. It waives license fees for the DuerOS with around 130 businesses, thus making it onto the hardware for smart tech as well as home appliances.

Earlier this year, Baidu collaborated with the start-up Raven to create a smart speaker. The company also worked with the cutting edge Swedish company, Teenage Engineering, to create the unusually designed Raven.

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