The Worldwide Release Of Pearl Harbor Coin Will Sponsor Lone Sailor Statue Honoring Sea Services

In 1941, 75 years ago, the attack on Pearl Harbor was a shock to the USA and the world. Over 2,400 lives were lost and another 1,200 were wounded. The devastation and loss included aircraft and the US battleship the USS Arizona. The attack on the Pacific Fleet off the island of Oahu, Hawaii, became the point the USA joined the Allied Forces of WWII. Honoring not only those who fell on that day 75 years ago but all the men and women worldwide for their Sea Services, a bronze statue of a Lone Sailor will be installed at Pearl Harbor. It is meant to show honor, respect, the devotion and sacrifice of the service people and their families for the security and prosperity provided in the past, present and future. The US Money Reserve and the US Navy Memorial Foundation will use $5 from every 75th Anniversary Pearl Harbor Coin according to kusi, sold to memorialize our sea heroes with a seven foot statue and the base will contain steel from the USS Arizona that went down during the attack with 1,100 seaman on board.

The US Navy Memorial Foundation (USNMF) offers a living tribute to Navy people in Washington, DC situated between the White House and the Capitol. It is also a place to celebrate their service and has an outdoor plaza with a Granite Sea Map of the World and The Lone Sailor Statute. The Naval Heritage Center there displays the contributions of men and women in Sea Services, including the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine, and contains a Navy Log, an online place for Navy people to stay connected, celebrate their service and preserve their memories. Veterans can also build a record of their service online.

The US Money Reserve, one of the largest private distributors of gold, silver and platinum, founded in 2001, distributes US and foreign government issued coins and has hundreds of thousands of clients. It allow them to diversify their assets in precious metals. President and CEO of the US Navy Memorial Foundation said that this beautiful coin represents not only an important point in our national history but is also in remembrance of the greatest generation who went on to win the war. According to the US Money Reserve website, the 1700 pound bronze statue will be unveiled on Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, December 7, 2016. Yahoo shared the PR Newswire story.

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