The Support for ‘Red Alert for Net Neutrality’

Small and large tech companies have decided to support the Net Neutrality Red Alert, which is a movement that is pioneered to convince the U.S Senate to vote to overturn the FCC repeal on regulations of net neutrality.

The industry spoke loudly against Ajit Pai, the FCC chairman’s plan to repeal the net neutrality protections of the Obama-era. If these regulations are repealed, ISP’s are going to charge people even more to access the usual services we are enjoying now. There is going to be a split in traffic, where we are going to have slow and fast lanes where the first party services will have priority over the others.

This is a growing drama that will not stop playing like a game of table tennis. “Last Week Tonight” is claimed to have taken down the FCC’s comments section, while other claims stated that there were bots that used the comments to promote an illusion that Americans were supporting the aspect of net neutrality repeal which practically is not the case. There are very many organizations that came up to oppose the plan of the FCC, but the commission did not change its objective.

Since then, there have been regulations on net neutrality that have been implemented by individual states to create a system that is similar to the neutral system. Although this approach has its own downfalls because there are states that will offer advanced protections on net neutrality, while others will survive on their own, the only way to achieve a comprehensive net neutrality set of rules is by overturning the repeal by the FCC.

There is an ongoing fight by Fight for Future to overturn the FCC’s repeal, and that is why an announcement was made that was named Red Alert for Net Neutrality. This alert will be placed on participating websites on their websites to alert users about it. This alert will spread so that people can make their voices heard.

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