The New Rapid Growth in The Expanding New York City Real Estate Market

One of the most fast paced real estate markets in the world is the Town Residential’s New York City Luxury real estate market. This market gives many individuals the perfect living conditions in the city of their dreams. With all of the amazing opportunities in New York City, it is easy to see why there are so many who are looking to purchase real estate in this market. Recently there has been a surge in new developments and a big jump in prices. Dave Liniger, the man behind real estate giant RE/Max, has seen this jump in New York real estate as an opportunity to grow. Just recently, RE/Max has announced their buy back of the master franchise in Manhattan City. Eventually, RE/Max is looking to buy back 16 franchises across the country from franchise owners. Liniger believes that he will do extremely well in the New York market based upon his success in the New Jersey market.

Andrew Heiberger is another name that has been very influential in the New York Real Estate market. Since the early 2000s, Heiberger has been developing communities in the New York Market. In 2010, Heiberger started the company Town Residential. He started this company with the idea that buyers are looking for a unique and luxurious solution to their housing needs in the right areas of New York. He then created an amazing team of salespeople, executives, and marketing professionals who were able to corner the market on high-end luxury condos in many different New York areas. Town Residential has been very successful since the creation of the company only 6 short years ago. Heibergr’s idea was to have a strong foothold across the Manhattan area with housing that served the communities wants and needs. Sooner or later, Heiberger states that he would like to have a strong hold in the Brooklyn area as well.

The team of professionals at Town Residential come together to create an atmosphere of synergy and success. These professionals with many different skill sets have been able to create a company that continues to grow each year in the New York City real estate market.

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