The New Digital Wallet Alternative: PSI-Pay and Kerv’s Contactless Payment Ring

It’s surprising that even with the advent of the digital world; there are people that don’t understand why having a digital wallet is important. Digital wallets are similar to traditional leather billfolds in the role they play. They create a convenient place for cash, credit, debit as well as loyalty cards. They also enhance security while still empowering users to replace numerous cards and papers by using only one mobile device. However, these wallets vary depending on location and consumer practices. Additionally, users pay for services and products from funds on their account balance which means that they have to handle chargebacks and payment disputes.


Kerv’s Contactless Ring is a Better Alternative


If you’re worried about moving to digital banking, then PSI-Pay provides a better alternative. PSI-Pay is one of the Fintech companies that are regulated by the United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority. This firm provides digital accounts and payment card facilities to international markets. PSI-Pay and Kerv Wearables have partnered to create an alternative payment industry. This partnership uses the PSI-Pay’s license that enables Kerv contactless users to be able to make payments in more than 38 million different locations around the world. Kerv users can fund their accounts using either credit or debit cards, PayPal, or bank transfer. Other than contactless payments, users can also make online or in-app purchases using their virtual cards.




According to Phil Davies, the managing director of PSI-Pay LTD, working with Kerv was the best decision ever. He continued to say that Kerv’s innovation has revolutionized payment applications and is the most exciting and useful solution available to date. The founder of Kerv, Phil Campbell believes that this exceptional payment device is more convenient and it extends its capability beyond payments, to data sharing, transport, and access control. He continued to state that while there were numerous challenges in the initial process to bring Kerv into the market, working with responsive, determined and open-minded partners was very important. According to Phil Campbell, PSI-pay has been able to demonstrate that they are up to the task during the time they have worked together. He continued to state that they would have never been able to bring their idea into a reality without PSI-Pay’s support.




Kerv’s contactless payment ring was able to exceed its set target upon kickstart late in the year 2015. It has received worldwide media coverage, and it has received a host of awards. The most recent is the Temenos Innovation Jam which was issued in the presence of an international banking audience.


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