The Ionity Partnership Increases Electric Car Charging Stations in Europe

Four major car companies may be undertaking an initiative that could yield bold changes for the electric car industry. BMW, Daimler, Ford and Volkswagen have launched a project known as “Ionity.” At the core of this partnership is a desire to rapidly expand the number of electric vehicle charging stations in Europe. The partnership’s plans are bold. Hopes exist to add 400 new charging stations by 2020.


The Ionity name brings forth 20 new charging stations to Europe by the twilight of 2017. Things are moving fast with this project. In truth, the project must do so. The consumerism of the market dictates such.


Electric cars could become the vehicles of the future. Numerous reasons exist why the electric car may continue to appeal to more and more consumers. In time, when the prices on these vehicles drop and several economic models reach the market, the volume of interested buyers should increase substantially. Similarly, when convenience grows, buyers come around to making purchases. Right now, the number of charging stations in the world remains a sore spot for potential buyers. Traveling too far to charge up a vehicle doesn’t exactly add to the convenience factor.


More charging stations addresses the inconvenience of traveling great distances to power up a vehicle. Demand for electric cars may increase as more charging stations emerge. Clearly, the four auto manufacturers would wish to see increases in vehicle demand as the industry slowly transitions to electric-powered models from the current fuel-powered ones.


The growth of the electric car market won’t make quantum leaps year-to-year. Slow and consistent yearly growth, however, means a lot over time. Chipping away at impediments to purchasing electric cars assists with that growth. Adding more charging stations surely reduces impediments to purchases.

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