The Daring Makeup Line Of Lime Crime

Lime Crime is the authentic maker of a vegan makeup line. The vegan concept advises that the products are created without having been tested on animals. This vegan approach proved to be an impediment in expanding the market to China. One of China’s requirements to market products wholesale is that they must have been tested on animals. This requirement of course is to ensure the consumers safety. China’s trust in America is acknowledged by the acceptance of wholesale shipments when received directly from America to China, are considered as having met this requirement.

In dealing with the present challenges of marketing to China, Lime Crime became aware of the fact that one of their products (lip topper) had been counterfeited in China and was presently being sold in large quantities (over a million units). This fact called for an immediate remedy in finding the most efficient way to tackle all of the barriers Lime Crime was facing. Not only did they need to be successful in marketing to China, they also needed to make sure that consumers knew that Lime Crime was the authentic distributor of its product line.

Revolve, an e-commerce fashion platform based in Los Angeles California, which was expanding into beauty products became the answer to Lime Crimes marketing challenges in China and additionally would serve as a push back on would be counterfeiters. This resolve with Revolve was the answer to the complexities faced with the logistics of transportation, the managing of questionable who’s, what’s, when’s and where’s? As well as the handling of returns internationally and meeting customer assistance needs from a foreign language perspective.

The coming together of this partnership was readily embraced by both Revolve and LimeCrime. For Revolve it was an easy transition in bringing Lime Crime aboard as Lime Crime is its own company and would be a great addition to Revolves expansion into a beauty segment. It’s a win, win not only for these two companies coming together and expanding into China’s market. It is also a win for all of Lime Crimes consumers assuring receipt of authentic products.

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