The Change that George Soros Wants to See in the American Society and the World

There is a lot that is wrong with the American Society today. Just a few days ago, a man opened fire at a concert gand killed more than 50 people. The problem with the institutions which are entrusted with the responsibility of handling these issues is that instead of dealing with the root of the matter, they are still trying to cure the symptoms. It is why taking a knee during the national anthem will earn a player suspension, while the solution would be for the police force to respect the rights of all people regardless of their skin color. These are some of the issues that the likes of George Soros have been trying to advocate for the past few decades and what George Soros knows.

Perhaps it is the fact that he was born in Hungary during the Holocaust, and he had to run away from the Nazi occupation, which made him the human rights advocate that he is today. Soros was born in Hungary in 1930, and after leaving his country, he headed to the UK where he had to do odd jobs such as a porter and a busboy, to put himself through the London School of Economics. He made his big break when he made a short sale of 10 billion pounds and made a profit of a $1billion. He moved to the US after this short sale. He has been involved in some advocacies and activities aimed at improving the lives of people who are oppressed and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

George Soros has invested heavily in the activities of the Democratic Party. He has always believed that their policies and everything they stand for, is in the best interests of this country. George started contributing towards the campaign of the Democratic candidates when John Kerry vied against Bush. Soros supported him because he was not pleased with the decision which Bush made to invade Afghanistan. When Kerry lost, he dialed back from politics and more information click here.

Last year, he participated in the Democratic campaign, mainly because he has always liked Clinton’s politics. Clinton did not win the race, and Soros believed that Trump might be the worst thing that has happened to the country in a long time. He thinks that the deepening of the rift between the races and the social classes are a direct consequence of the supremacist and status quo agendas which are pushed by the conservatives and learn more about George Soros. He has funded political activism efforts such as the Ferguson protests, where the police killed an African American boy in a move that was seen to be racially motivated. George believes that it is the responsibility of the people to come up with checks and balances for the ruling party. He has done a lot and will do more through the Soros Foundation, to create a better society and follow his Twitter.

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