The activities that Bob Reina and Talk Fusion are engaging in to create a Better World

There are two things that Bob Reina is passionate about, building his talk fusion brand, and his charity work. The Florida native has a mantra that has always worked for him, ‘I Will’. To him, this mantra means that if there is something that he sets his eyes on accomplishing, he does not need to use apply words such that suggest probability and chooses instead to commit to making it happen. Bob says that these words are important to him because he understands where he is coming from, and even more importantly, he is committed to his vision on where he is heading.

Bob admits that one of the things that have helped him make it as far as he has in his life is being focused on where he is headed, and taking everyone up with him when he sets out on his upward journey. He states that he understood his business to be more than just people talking and seeing each other, regardless of where they are in the world. He asserts that the best thing about the business is its ability to create local communities.

When it comes to his charity work, Bob believes that there are two approaches that you can use. The first is giving without letting anyone know that you are doing it, and the second is using your public portfolio to give and encourage others to do the same. Reina states that he believes in the second school of thought because it fits his personal skills, and he also wants to see others joining him in helping the less fortunate.

About Bob Reina

Bob started out as a police officer in the early 90’s. He was pitched by an Amway distributor at a restaurant, but was reluctant to take the opportunity. He however, took an MLM job for a Telecom, and his journey in telecommunications started. He then founded Cash Card Worldwide and was the CEO for over 15 years. The idea to launch Talk Fusion came after he tried to add a video to an email message, and his friends said it was impossible. Today, he heads one of the most successful telecommunication solutions company. Learn more:

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