Many people suffering from mental health issues have probably spent many nights asking themselves, “When am I going to get the help I need? How long do I suffer? Why do I have to live like this?” They don’t have to suffer anymore and they don’t have to live like this. As a matter of fact, no one should be forced to live this kind of life if they have mental health problems. They should be provided with all of the access to care that anyone else out there in the world would have, but the only difference is money. It makes a lot of people sick to their stomachs that so much of this is defined by money.

They don’t care if someone is suicidal, sad, or in pain every single night. Mental illness is legitimate and some of the most famous people in the world have committed suicide. However, if people get the right help and commit themselves to making a better life, it doesn’t have to end on an unhappy note. As a matter of fact, it can end with a positive ending and a happy story. That is what Talkspace is looking to provide for every single person that uses this amazing app. It is truly amazing what some of these apps can do nowadays.

If someone is looking to speak to a professional, they can do it either through a video face-to-face chat, a text message, or a phone call. They let the customer choose what is best for them. A lot of companies say they put the customer first, but this is a company that actually does put the customer first and they prove it all of the time. They are consistent in their approach, which is why Talkspace is so popular and so helpful right now.

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