Susan McGalla Takes Her Own Route To Success

The success achieved by Susan McGalla in the business world has been impressive for any individual, but in the wake of the release of figures showing companies that are gender and racially diverse outperform their less diverse rivals the work of the Mount Union College graduate has been thrown into focus. The former President of the American Eagle and current Vice President in charge of Business Strategy and Creative Development at the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers has recently been discussing her own journey to the top of the business world that has seen her discuss how to encourage other women to hit similar career heights.

Although Susan McGalla has taken an often traditional route to the top by impressing with her range of education and skills she has also looked to develop a way of looking at the world that does not allow her gender to play a major role in her career decisions. Gender politics obviously play a role in the life of Susan McGalla, but she does not allow these to play a role in every aspect of her career and rarely plays a role in the women’s advancement groups that have come to dominate in the world of many U.S. based female executives. Susan McGalla stated she appreciated the work completed by many women’s business groups to advance the cause of fairness in the workplace, but felt the small number of female executives was not assisting in bringing more women into the top level of U.S. business.

Susan McGalla has been on an amazing journey to the top of the business world beginning with her role as a divisional buyer with the American Eagle brand that led to her working her way up to the position of President of the clothing retailer.

P3 Executive Consulting is the latest company developed by Susan McGalla, which remains in operation even after the appointment of Susan to her role with the Pittsburgh Steelers organization. McGalla is the daughter of a high school football coach and credits her father with refusing to use her gender as an excuse for taking part in activities with providing her with the drive to find success in the business world.

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