There have been many natural calamities that happened across the globe and in the United States, in particular. While many organizations were just mere spectators, there were some like the Stream Energy who jumped in with both hands and both feet to help the victims who lost homes and their loved ones. For Stream Energy, corporate philanthropy is one of their core principles and they always try their best to give back to the community as much as they could. While they help, they not only empower their brand value but also represent the corporations in the Dallas, Texas area whose associates work tirelessly to make sure that sufficient funds are organized for the quick recovery of the victims.

One of the most important charitable cause that Stream Energy is very passionate about is to help out the homeless people. The associates and the organization work collectively to identify the number of people who could be categorized as homeless in the Big D area. They facilitated the process by working with Hope Supply Co. and made significant financial contributions which were able to cover the meals for more than thousand homeless children during an annual event. Stream Energy has worked with the charitable partner for over 4 years providing basic supplies and clothing to the needy. Its aim is to empower the communities we live in and make a world a much better place than it was yesterday.

One of the most patriotic yet noble causes of Stream Energy is towards the veterans in the Dallas area. The company provides assistance in terms of financial support so that many families could come together with their loved ones and enjoy some delicious food at upscale restaurants. The organization also supported assistance to daughters of the military members and in a way changed the lives of so many people in an altruistic way. These are some of the many kind causes that Stream Energy is involved in. They have played a phenomenal role in terms of lifting the standard of living of people in Dallas and Texas and their associates played a compassionate role in the process.

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