Square Buys Zesty to Help Caviar: Tech and Catering Mashup

Who would’ve thought catering and technology could fuse together? The wise executives at Square realize technology can go with anything including catering. Square intends to purchase the startup known as Zesty. Zesty focuses on an app designed to build up catering customers for businesses that otherwise couldn’t gain a foothold in the market.

Square truly sees solid earning potential with this app. If the company didn’t, then no serious thought would go into purchasing the startup.

Apps sharing similarities to Uber and other gig economy concepts seem to be growing tremendously. With Zesty, business concepts change and grow to another level. Instead of trying to connect freelancers with work, Zesty allows already established businesses to expand in the market. Specifically, restaurants can increase the scope of their business endeavors to include catering.

Launching a catering business isn’t exactly easy. Through Zesty, a pathway opens for business owners to perform catering jobs without significant financial expenditures.

Currently, Zesty is based in the single city of San Francisco. Square assuredly believes the company has the potential to grow. Relying solely on one city for business reflects too much of a risk considering the purchase price for the startup.

Zesty also heavily stressed connecting restaurants with corporate clients. Catering corporate events likely comes with high fees, and these fees may deliver the profit margins Square would be interested in seeing grow.

Square already owns a food delivery service known as Caviar. Caviar for Teams, a subdivision, deals with catering corporate events. Zesty could drive up business for Caviar hopefully delivering even more profits for Square if things work out. No real reason exist why things wouldn’t work out.

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