Some Serious People Believe AI Could Be the End of Us

There are those who have contemplated humanity’s demise, and it isn’t a pretty picture. If we are fated for some sort of doomsday, some have forecast it to be from a medical catastrophe, such as an incurable plague, or perhaps a water shortage with so many billions of people on the planet. Some see the end coming from outer space as it was thought to have happened to the dinosaurs. A comet or asteroid striking the earth, if it is big enough, would be enough to end us.

Elon Musk may have been half joking when he said recently that Larry Page should be careful about research into artificial intelligence and buying up lots of robotics companies because he “could produce something evil by accident.” This is actually a serious scenario for our extinction that is held to be a very real possibility by some serious minds such as Stephen Hawking. Folks at Amen Clinics know that the thought of creating what ends up destroying us is not a new one. People may have thought this already about the hydrogen bomb or bacteriological weapons. What’s new about this scenario is being killed by something that we would ostensibly be creating to help us and not to kill people.

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  1. Certainly the army might not mind killer robots at their beck and call, but they would also be made to help us all out in our civilian lives, and if we’re not careful, that could be the end of us. That is exactly what Internet Business Corner is doing and I like it that way which is the very good thing that has been done and I like it that way now.

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