SBT’s Tips On Keeping Your Business’s Online Reputation Intact

The days of simply running a business through rain or shine are over, now you have to have another plan for when the rain comes. The rain refers to online reputation crises, things that most business owners will experience at least once. Thankfully, there are online reputation management solutions available for when it pours, and Small Business Trends has put together a list of some tips for when to call an emergency.
Use Available Programs To Monitor Your Business Name Mention

There are ways to know when and where someone has mentioned your business online, whether it’s on social media, in a forum, a complaint site, or a general review page. If you have seen negative reviews pop up about your business, it’s best to go to where you saw this and quickly address the concerns expressed by the people making the claims. That way customers can see you are aware of concerns and will do your best to mitigate the situation.

Keep A Close Eye On Social Media

Social media has become a way that word spreads around like wildfire. People tend to believe what their friends say even more than a news source, so if your business does not have a social media profile, you would be doing its online reputation a favor by getting one. This way, you have a better chance to interact on a personal level with your customers, and can keep them in the loop with updates to your business.

Become Registered With A Local Or National Business Agency

Having your brand registered or accredited by a notable agency such as the Better Business Bureau, or another local agency lets people know they’re buying from a legitimate company. People want to know they can trust a business, and having a known agency on your side can help with that. More so, it just might put to rest some negative comments that have no substance in them.


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