Russians Prefer Their Own Internet

The majority of Russian want a separate internet of their own, says a poll conducted by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center.
Nearly 60% of those polled said they would prefer to have their own internet within the BRICS nations.
BRICS is an economic and political entity which includes, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. These countries represent the most important economic and political partners with the former Soviet Union. Their agreement also includes military cooperation.
By uniting into a separate internet network they would protect their citizens from harmful aspects of the internet hackers and increase the overall security level.

In Russia, cybersecurity is crucial. Almost every day there are hacker attacks on websites of different banks, companies and even government agencies.
In 2016, coordinated hacker attacks caused major corporate websites to offline for several hours costing multinational corporations tens of millions of dollars. The internet is a powerful weapon in the hacker’s hands. According to statistics, 65% of all data is stolen through the internet and cloud services.
In addition, Moscow sees more conflicts in cyberspace with the West after Russia annexed Crimea in early 2014.

The technical coordination of the internet is handled by one company Icann, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. It is registered in Los Angeles California and the US government participated in its creation giving the U.S.

Some analysts believe that the U.S. was behind the internet outage in North Korea in late 2015. True or not, Russian officials sense that if someone wanted to deny Russia internet access there are technical capabilities to achieve this goal. And this is exactly what the Russian government and their BRICS allies want to avoid.

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