Rodrigo Terpins and The Adventurous Soul of His Father

Some people are so passionate about what they’re doing that they can go for broke. They can risk it all. They can go the full monty. They can risk being called a fuddy-duddy just to make a statement. They can risk their life just to prove that they can grow from rags to riches. There are also people like Rodrigo Terpins, who can risk his very life just for the pursuit of the love for racing.

Passion In The Blood

This drive to risk one’s life for racing may have come from Rodrigo Terpins’ father, Jack Terpins. For starters, the success of Jack as a businessman could be at par with the success that he received as a sportsman, a basketball coach. That’s already a sign that Rodrigo Terpins must have got his adventurous and sporty side from his dad.

We should also mention here that Rodrigo Terpins is putting his love for sports in the most life-risking manner. He joined the 24th Edition of the Sertoes Rally with his brother Michel Terpins, and the partnership has genuinely been fruitful. They won at the overall ranking, at 8th place, but didn’t push through the finals because the terrain was too extreme for them to handle. Check out odiario to see more.

The Pilots

The race would have been more exciting if they had a better terrain and it wasn’t that muddy of a territory. However, it deserves praise still that the pilots managed to succeed in the race with their T-Rex vehicle, which was developed by the MEM Team. This was only the 7th Participation of the team, but from this alone, we see the strong dedication of Rodrigo Terpins for such passion. In the race, we can already see how Jack Terpins has indeed influenced the genetic make-up and propensity of Rodrigo Terpins to sports and achieving through sports.

That said, the victory of Rodrigo Terpins is a testament to how much more he can achieve in the future, and how much more he can offer to the world of racing. Despite the risks inherent in competition, the fact that Rodrigo goes out of the way to pursue his dreams is a testament that he has the adventurous soul of his father. You can search on Google to know more.

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