Perry Mandera Top Ten in Service and Charity

The Custom Companies, Inc CEO Perry Mandera founded the company in 1976. The Custom Companies is a package shipping company based in Chicago and ships packages all over the country. Mandera’s more 40 years of experience began when he was in the Marines. Perry Mandera was in charge transporting troops and supplies. He looked upon his history of serving his Marine comaraderies with fond emotions and knew he wanted be in the business of supplies when he returned to civilian life.


By 1984, Perry Mandera thought about running for public office in his Chicago area. Mr. Mandera ran on the Republican ticket as Ward Committeeman for their 26th ward. Perry Mandera served for a single four-year term. He was the youngest Chicago committeeman

at the time.


Perry Mandera is dedicated to children’s charities. In addition to donating money, Mandera also donates clothing, supplies, and transportation services. Mandera has a charitable nature towards his employees and the people in their lives. During holiday time, Perry Mandera has an annual campaign. He asks his employees to highlight some people from their personal lives who need assistance. Mandera’s charitable practices have made him one of the Top 100 American Transportation Exexcutives of the Millennium. Mandera is trying out a Chicago Shark Tank. Anyone who comes up with a good business idea, Mandera will fund the project as long as the owner gives 10 percent of the profits to charity. In fact, Mandera treated some war veterans he met in a restaurant to their dinner.


To be productive, Perry Mandera has lunch with vendors and dinner with either clients or employees. Many employees have been with Mandera’s company for more than 30 years. Mandera believes in teaching employees how to do their work correctly the first time. Workers only spend 25 to 30 percent of their workday fixing other workers’ errors. Mandera is excited with change in technology. If Perry Mandera could go back in time and meet his younger self, he would have some valuable lessons to teach. Mandera would tell his younger self to not be impulsive, listen more, and do less.


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