Parents Breathe Sigh of Relief with TeenSafe

Technology is a popular source of communication among today’s youth. Electronics such as cell phones, tablets, and laptops are the most common devices used in connection with cyberbullying. Webster defines cyberbullying as, “The electronic posting of mean-spirited messages about a person.” This is usually done by someone who is close to the victim or someone who wants to gain revenge on that person.


The effects of cyberbullying arise from any type of situation from sexuality, race, personal appearance, and even disabilities. Adolescents are among those who are cyberbullied at least once during their middle and high school years. It can be anything from hurtful comments too offensive videos that are displayed online for everyone to see. This is what will cause vicious rumors to circulate making the victim look like an evil person when in fact, the person sending the messages is the evil one. These issues can vary between male and female roles. For instance, females are more likely to text disgraceful messages to their friends while males tend to send videos or photos instead. Either way, the victim at hand will have to suffer the outcome.


The victims can be severely affected by the trauma that cyberbullying will have on a teenager. Their self-esteem will decrease, grades will drop, and they may even have thoughts of ending their life, also thoughts of retaliating against the cyberbully. Most victims will know who the cyberbully is.


Most cyberbullies may not realize that bullying classmates online is indeed a crime and a very serious one. In fact, anyone who sends an explicit photo or video can be labeled as child pornography. This isn’t something that adolescents will want on their record when they apply for college or employment. It’s important for parents to be aware of their child’s phone activities regularly.


TeenSafe is a great way for parents to understand what their teenage children are doing online daily. Whether it’s on their phone, tablet, or computer, teenagers don’t realize that not only are they hurting someone else, they’re also making it difficult for themselves. TeenSafe can help parents feel at ease.


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