Infinity Group Australia is an original idea of Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker. The company’s primary objective is to take up the responsibility of training its clients on finances. They have some various branches; in Bella Vista (New South Wales 2153), Cronulla (NSW 2230), Melbourne (1 Southbank Boulevard), Brisbane (Eight Mile Plains QLD 4113) and Port Macquarie (NSW 2444).


Graeme’s passion for this idea came after spending quite some years around financial institutions, and he was not satisfied with how they handled their client’s credits and financial records. He was frustrated about how Australians were draining down in debts and mortgages taking a lifetime before they can clear. After conducting surveillance for six months to try and identify the gap which ‘his idea’ would fill, he found that clients lacked some dedicated guidance and reliance. This was when Infinity Group Australia was born.


First of all, their approach is different from all money lending institutions. Before approving your loan request, they set up several meetings where they assist the client in managing their finances by coming up with a budget for the necessities. After the loan has been passed, they assign a personal teller whose principal responsibility is to follow up.


Infinity Group Australia reviews are sent to clients every six months and updated monthly statement. This makes the clients able to analyze their spending and make adjustments where necessary; it also enables the teller to follow up on his/her client and advice accordingly. This constant keeping in check helps to ensure that you don’t unnecessarily spend and this money can cover the debt you owe. Numerous testimonials prove that indeed Infinity Group Australia is supporting the ordinary Australian citizen.


Infinity Group Australia gets involved in charitable work where they give out sponsorship to students, disposing a jeep and thirty thousand dollars. This helps the community by maintaining a direct avenue where they can interact with possible clients and to improve in case of any loopholes. It also promotes community unity among them bearing in mind that the initial idea of Infinity Group Australia was started for the common Australian, to improve their lives.


The Infinity Group Australia emerged as number 58th in the most innovative companies in the Australian Financial Review. The Australian Financial Review has dominated Australia for 50 years, and their views are very influential. They have been in business for only five years, and this comes as a significant achievement for Graeme and Rebecca. Learn more : https://www.medianet.com.au/releases/166333/

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