Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College is a community college that was founded in 1947 and was up and running the next year. The beautiful Orange Coast College is located near the coast of Southern California in Costa Mesa.

Orange Coast is a rather popular community college, for they have 135 possible career programs and over 25,000 students enrolling each semester. The majority of students come to OCC to enroll in their Career and Technical Education programs. The students coming from this facility receive a top notch education.

This is proven through the transfer students that come from their college. The majority of students who attend Orange Coast College transfer to the University of California and California State University, which are very prestigious Universities.

There are even alum and old professors from this college who show their appreciation for the school. Very recently, a professor, Mary McChesney, who retired gave Orange Coast a new planetarium. This was a one million dollar donation put towards their astronomy field.

Although Orange Coast does not have on campus housing, there is a lot to do on campus. There are various clubs and sports teams you can join. For men, they have nearly every sport, such as, basketball, volleyball, track, tennis, swimming, soccer, golf, baseball and a few more. For women, they also have basketball, beach volleyball, softball, tennis, swimming, soccer, cheerleading, basketball, water polo, and a few more.

If you are an academic scholar, then there are academic options as well. They have an Academic Honor Society that does a lot for scholars. They have events, community service days, scholarship opportunities, the chance to graduate college with honors, and much more. Another benefit of OCC is the tuition. It costs around 317 dollars per credit hour.

For the average 16 credit hours per semester, this adds up to around 10,000 dollars a year not including extra fees. So, as a student staying on campus, and with the extra fees, it would cost about 21,000 dollars to attend Orange Coast College. Overall, this is a very good deal for the great education you will be receiving.

For a community college, it can pretty much be noted that Orange College is one of the best. This college gives you the feel of a university, but of course not the financial feel. You are allotted nearly all of the same things students at universities are.

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