OneLogin Improves Envoy Customers Experience through SCIM

Envoy, in its latest innovation, has created software that allows their clients to sign into their offices using iPad. The San Francisco-based company has done away with the insecure, outdated logbooks. The invention has automated most of the registration process for their clients some involving visitors’ photos, badges, sign-in, host notifications and digital NDA.

Most of the Envoy customers that include high-tech companies have a difficult time dealing with employees’ movement across, in and out of their premises. Their IT departments have to regularly update the employees’ user access across multiple applications for security purpose and smooth user experience.

SCIM and Customer Experience

Envoy in conjunction with OneLogin has implemented the System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) protocol. The system application enables customers to fasten adoption and rollout through synchronization of user attributes and desired application. For Envoy, SCIM automatically provides employees fields from OneLogin directory. The fields include employees’ names, office location, and emails. The synchronization assists in automatically updating the user profile.

For Envoy customers, they have the best experiences when their employees’ data is accurate, up-to-date and easy to manage. Also, employees can create a visitors invites and able to get notification from the host the moment the visitor arrives. Therefore, the visitors signing in the process will be fast and easy.

The SCIM provides a consistent format to Envoy for user data. Therefore, it allows them to have a firm grip of the available data as they move forward and improve their operations. Also, it provides them with confidence to move on as their customers have a pleasant experience. Furthermore, OneLogin has assisted in strengthening their security within and outside the company.

About OneLogin

OneLogin is a cloud-based identity provider, rendering free developer toolkits, user provisioning and guidance for application single sign-on. Furthermore, they support access management standards and adoption of open identity to modern enterprises like Envoy. Also, they specialize in unified Endpoint management, IAM, Web Access Management, governance and Adaptive MFA.

Founded in 2009, OneLogin is an industry-leading provider of SSO. Based in San Francisco, California, OneLogin is trusted by their customers to secure and supervise their identities in the cloud, hybrid environments, and their legacy.

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