Nick Vertucci’s Debt Relief Story

When you hear about debt relief, you’re probably told about how to beat it through consolidation or small payment plans, but this is a long way that isn’t likely to build up long-term wealth. The solution to going from high debt could lie in the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, a program that shows how to turn properties you own into real revenue. Nick Vertucci has partnered with instructors and real estate financing specialists who have made the academy’s courses easy to understand. The academy is based in California, but Vertucci travels around to do workshops and promote the values of real estate.

Nick Vertucci actually got the inspiration to start his academy from a seminar he once attended nearly 20 years ago. He had grown up in a low income background and didn’t have any formal education as a young adult. He started a computer hardware sales business that helped him get a home, and he also married and began his own family shortly after. But his success wasn’t long-lived because in the year 2000 the dot-com fallout caused his business to go under. Vertucci was almost over his head in debt and started losing everything short of his house which had a lien on it. It was then that he came to the seminar with low expectations, but what he heard there changed his life forever.

What Nick Vertucci learned was that real estate could be turned into an easy business once you simplified the terminology. He decided to try buying homes and converting them into rental units and part-time habitations, and he became surprised at how quickly they started filling up. Within less than a year he started seeing more money than he ever made in that period at his former business. Within a couple more years, his debt disappeared completely and he was able to spend the quality time with his family he was never able to before. 10 years later he opened the academy and the results others have had with his system have been incredible as reported by academy’s attendees.

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