Nick Vertucci Rises from Grass To Grace And Return To Lift Upcoming Investors

Nick Vertucci is a renowned investor with a host of investments across the investment possibilities. He founded the NV Real Estate. He comes from a family that would not be regarded as rich. He is noted to be one of the few public figures that have risen from nothing to lots of things. It is said that Nick Vertucci’s family could hardly survive the economic onslaught. His father is said to have died when he was only 10 years old. However, because Vertucci had his eyes glued on breaking free from the shackles of poverty, he kept working hard. He started a business after he attained the age of 18.

A Difficult Start

He focused on selling computer accessories. His business crushed when the millennium computer crunch came around. He was one of the greatest sufferers of the millennium 2000 computer crisis. He fell into major debt and sank even deeper with time. His investments had evaporated on account of the dot-com bubble. It is said that Vertucci almost lost his home to the crisis. Fortunately, he still had ideas up his sleeve; Nick Vertucci enrolled in a real estate academy. He was inspired to start a real estate business. He has never regretted his decision. In fact, he traced his roots of success and decided to start the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, after his successful venture in the real estate business.


According to Vertucci, he came up with the idea of the real estate academy because he wanted to share his success secrets and resources with the public. He says that he had attained financial freedom that he wanted to share with others. He intended NVREA to become the best real estate training institute, ever. Indeed, Vertucci achieved his goal. NVREA has produced some of the most prolific investors the real estate industry has ever known.

How Nick Vertucci Spends His Free Time

He notes, on a light note, that he does not like routines. He mentions that he has set up a private office in OC California. He says he goes out at his office window and pulls a vape of eCig to indulge a little in the world of recreation and refreshment. He says that he keeps in touch with his teams, most of the time on the phone. He says he avoids being caught up in personal issues or even business nuances that don’t matter. He says his only focus is on what can generate revenue. In summary, he keeps a steady focus on his business goals and objectives.

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