Nick Vertucci Releases a Guide to Investing in Real Estate

Nick Vertucci is one prominent real estate investor whose career is shaped in the industry of helping people to improve their lives by alleviating them from poverty. Easy as his life seems right now, Vertucci was raised in a humble background that encompassed working between more than two jobs to fend for his family. A master of all trades, he never allowed the challenges he went through in life to stand in his way to success. Now recently, Nick Vertucci released a book he has been working on for some time; Seven Figure Decisions is a personal account as well as a guide on the ups and downs of Nick’s life, fears, struggles and the steps he took towards building his fortunes. Alongside the release of the book is a signature mark and endorsement from the prominent Dean Cain and Kevin Harrington.

A Look at the Early Life of Nick Vertucci

Vertucci grew up in a very loving family. Like any other teenager, he was well provided for. However, things became worse when he lost his father at the tender age of ten. On the other hand, his mother had to strain by working between two jobs to support his siblings. Being a visionary man, Vertucci decided to take up odd jobs and support his family. At the age of eighteen, he moved to his van and transformed it into a home.

Nick‘s Life Takes a Turn

Nick Vertucci was a very ambitious man. He did not allow his present moments and situations in life to determine his future. Therefore, he decided to start a small business; selling computers. At that moment, he focused on expanding his client base as he also leveraged software services. Seeing that he could support a family, he decided to marry the lady he was seeing at that moment. What he did not know was that life was preparing him for the second cycle of the challenges he had faced in the past. Vertucci lost his business to the crash of 2000. Dot com swept his business off the industry. Of course, he was devastated because it was the second time hell was breaking loose for him.

Bouncing Back to Business!

Nick’s luck in life changed when he met a friend who invited him to a meeting dubbed how to invest in real estate. At first, he was reluctant because he assumed that the meeting would turn out to be like any other in which attendees would were asked for registration fee and promised to make it without lifting a finger to work. However, he changed his mind and decided to attend the first meeting. Until now, he recalls how his life took a turn when he decided to make his first investment.

Life Lessons wit Vertucci

Vertucci believes that your past should not hinder you from exploring viable investment dockets in life. He encourages everyone to take risks especially when it comes to business. Moreover, he uses the Nick Vertucci Academy to disseminate critical information on real estate and how an individual can maneuver.

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