Mike Burwell On How To Be Productive And Successful

On February 21, 2018, Ideamensch did an interview with Mike Burwell. During this interview, a great deal was learned about the life and career of Michael Burwell. He also gave a lot of valuable advice as to how he achieved success and what readers can do to be more productive and also bring their ideas to life.


Mike Burwell started the interview by detailing what a typical day in his life looks like. He describes his morning routine and exercise devotion. He goes on to describe how he brings ideas to life and how he hopes to help develop the next “Uber or Airbnb” within his own organization. Burwell reveals his excitement at the InsureTech trend, as well, saying it has created interesting connections.


When asked what habit helps to make Burwell more productive, he answers with his mindset. While many know the state of mind can be very powerful, Mike Burwell has used his to his advantage. He reaffirms his belief that technology helps increase production and how apps can help people stay organized and productive. And his advice to his younger self would be? To quote Burwell directly, he would tell his younger self that, “collaboration does not equal consensus”.


Mike Burwell’s strategy to grow businesses is to be, “positive and relentless”.


He goes on to describe a failure he’s had and learned from, the best $100 he has spent recently, what books he recommends, and what software he finds to be productive. Throughout the IdeaMensch interview, Burwell reveals a wealth of knowledge and advice to others, as well as an insight into how his mind works and what makes him tick. Read This Article for related information.


Michael Burwell is the current CFO at Willis Towers Watson.


And he is from the Greater Detroit area. Burwell graduated from Michigan State University in the year 1986 with a BBA. He has worked extensively for Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP, rising up the ladder to become their CFO and eventually a partner. He had worked for the company for 31 years before moving to Willis Towers Watson as their CFO. He has been with Willis Towers since October 2017.


See: https://globenewswire.com/news-release/2017/08/21/1090621/0/en/Willis-Towers-Watson-announces-new-Chief-Financial-Officer.html

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