Lime Crime Sells Amazing Makeup Brush Sets

There are many different makeup tools on the market today. However, they are not all created equal. Some of the products can leave much to be desired. One company called Lime Crime has some great makeup brushes that can be bought online. Here is some information about their wonderful makeup brushes and their uses.

One of the products that they sell is called the Hot Stuff Brush Set. This set comes with three different brushes. What makes these brushes unique is their look. The bristle part of the brush is hot pink. The handles of the brushes are filled with glitter. This set comes with three different brushes. It comes with a Powder Brush, a Contour Brush, and a Blush Brush. The powder brush is used to blend makeup on the face. It is also used to layer powder on the face. The Pointed Brush is used to apply makeup to the apples of the cheeks, and also the smile area. The Contour Brush is used for contouring and blending to add definition to your face. These brushes are very soft and not harsh at all on the skin. This set is $38 dollars.

Another product that Lime Crime offers is their Aquarium Brushes. These brushes are blue and purple on the brush end and filled with water and glitter on the handle. This bundle comes with seven different brushes. These include a powder, blush, pencil, lip, blender, brow, and fan brush. It also comes with it’s own clutch. This set is $58 dollars.

This company is an amazing company to buy your makeup brushes from. They love animals so much that they are cruelty free. This means they never test on animals. They are even approved by PETA. They are also vegan friendly. If you are looking for a great makeup brush set then you should check out the many different products on Lime Crime’s website. They offer a ton of great brush sets.

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