Lee May, of Beamridge, Ensures Boxing Gym has Transportation

Philanthropists are a dime a dozen in business, but very few businessmen actually go out of their way to perform charitable activities. Lee May, the advisor to Beamridge, isn’t like most philanthropists. In order for a boxing gym to purchase a new mini bus, Lee May took to the streets, participating in a 10k charitable run.


Beamridge is a real estate contractor. They design and build new infrastructure in the UK. Lee May works as an advisor for the company, helping them make wise business decisions and financial decisions.


Lee May have been an important part of the company for many years. When it comes to guiding Beamridge in the right direction, few people are more well-equipped to assist in Beamridge’s real estate ventures. One of the most recent deals made possible by Lee May involved a partnership with a Hong Kong organization worth nearly 400 million. This was a signal to the entire world of infrastructure, telling them that Lee May and Beamridge were beginning to explore international opportunities.


Beamridge is one of the biggest construction companies in all of London. They promise to deliver quality work that doesn’t sacrifice safety and security. As an advisor for the company, Lee May is able to show the world that he has a mind for investments, business, and just generally spotting a good opportunity.


As previously mentioned, Lee May is very active in altruistic goals. One of the things that Lee May enjoys contributing to is the betterment of children. May frequently visits boxing gyms, discussing things with young boxers and talking about their future in the sport. Due to his frequent visits to boxing gyms, Lee May is seen as a mentor to young boxers. Lee May not only personally visits these gyms, encouraging youth to follow their dreams. He also donates money to these organizations, ensuring that they have the resources and materials needed to properly train the kids. The race that May was apart of ended up raising 20,000 for a minibus.

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