Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force Inc. in GoFundMe Campaign

GoFundMe is the world’s leading fundraising site for personal causes and live events and has its headquarters in San Diego and Menlo Park. The site has been operational since founded in May 2010. By GoFundMe Many campaign organizers can invite others to participate in their story. Just as Facebook is all about sharing lives, GoFundMe helps people share their dreams, pursuits, celebrations and the challenges they face with crowd funding.

GoFundMe initiative overcomes the many physical barriers people face when financially supporting others. Only a 5% fee of each donation received gets deducted for operating expenses. Also, a small 3% processing fee is also deducted from each donation. . Indeed, it’s only GoFundMe that has an incredibly efficient way of providing financial support for donations. The donors not only give in an extremely target way but also the money goes directly to the intended recipients.

The GoFundMe campaign has linked the Earth Force Inc. nonprofit with a principal supporter and donor, Jon Urbana. Earth Force mobilizes youths to become good environmental activists and participants in maintaining natural surface beauty. The work of Earth Force Inc. by Mr Jon Urbana has seen a significant boost to the efforts put by the youth in caring for a clean environment. Thanks to GoFundMe campaign.

Jon Urbana’s official website says he is from Denver, the capital of Colorado in the United States. He is a renowned entrepreneur and a former professional lacrosse athlete. He is a graduate of Villanova University, where he played for their lacrosse team and majored in economics.

Urbana is the co-founder and owner of the Next Level lacrosse camp in Colorado. It’s a youth program mainly helping the youth lacrosse players perform their best by identifying and strengthening their key skills and techniques that best suits them. He has won CAA Defensive Player of the year and the Tewaaraton Award watch list. He also has an extensive experience in entrepreneurship, economics sales, and business development. Follow him on Instagram for daily pics from Urbana’s life.

In the corporate world, Jon Urbana is the head of business development for Ellipse USA, and some of his Slideshare presentations offer a deeper glimpse into his work. The firm deals in overseeing the progress in awareness of revolutionary IPL and laser technology. He mainly works with the regional managers and oversees the marketing department and its materials.

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