Jon Urbana Has Many Strings To His Bow With Business And Leisure Activities

Jon Urbana is a famous face around the city of Denver, but the man who spends a large amount of each summer coaching kids lacrosse camps has much more in his life than simply his sporting and business activities. In fact, Jon Urbana is a well known figure in the U.S. aviation industry, particularly after being elected to the FAA Airmen Certification Database. Looking into the life and activities of Urbana reveals much about the many different interests and activities the popular philanthropist undertakes.

Mentioning the name of Jon Urbana in Denver will probably see the majority of people mention his work at the Next Level Lacrosse Camps. Not only does Urbana work with young people, he is also an important figure at the Ellipse USA company. As Head of Business at Ellipse USA Urbana has overseen a wide range of improvements in the business that was formed in 1997. The company is offering a range of Laser and pulsed light treatment equipment, which can assist in the treatment of acne, skin pigmentation and hair removal in a clinical setting.

Despite the busy life, Urbana has a busy blog, a personal website with his bio, and also acts as the Head of Business at Ellipse USA he is also looking to live a full life away from each workday that he shares on Twitter with his followers. He has presented at quite a few conferences this year and recently gave a talk I particularly enjoyed (shown here):

This means he puts as much effort into his skills being developed as a pilot as he did at Villanova, and as he now does with his business career; recently, Jon Urbana has been elected to the FAA airmen Certification Database, which lists pilots with the highest levels of training, education, and experience. Being added to the database means that Jon Urbana has now joined a small group of pilots who have the certification that entrusts the lives of many to them during a flight.

The skills of Jon Urbana are not simply limited to the world of business and flying, he is also a respected photographer with his own Flickr account that he also syndicates to Websta. Urbana is looking to develop his own range of skills that has seen him become a popular food photographer; a look through his blog shows them any influences from fashion and food photography that have evolved over the last few years.

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