Important Things to Know About the Successful Career of Wes Edens

The success of Fortress Investment Group cannot be talked about without mentioning the name Wes Edens. Wes has worked hard in life to become a successful entrepreneur and an accomplished team owner. Wes took part in establishing Fortress Investment Group. Wes is also a partner of the famous National Basketball Association as well as Milwaukee Bucks. In addition to that, he owns FlyQuest. Wes acquired a lot of knowledge and skills in Business Administration and Finance from the Oregon State University. Mr. Edens graduated in 1984 and started to build his career.Three years after graduating, he joined Lehman Brothers where he served for several years. He then left the company and took an executive position at BlackRock Investors. He maintained the position of the managing director at the company from 1993 to 1997.

At BlackRock, Wesley also led the investment department. His outstanding leadership at the company led to the great success of private equity fund. At Infrastructure Investors LLC, Wes served for several years as the chairman. Fortress Investment Group officially started operating in1998. Wes Edens combined efforts with other people such as Peter Briger, Robert Kauffman, Edward, and Nardone Randall to establish the Fortress Investment Group. Mr. Edens got a lot of recognition from The Wall Street Journal for his career approach and accomplishments. He was praised for his creative tactics and impeccable investment strategies. Fortress Investment Group was made public as a common agreement between all its founders. In 2009, 8 percent shares of the firm were bought by the public. The shares sold were valued at $600 million.

As of 2007, the assets of the company included publicly traded vehicles. One of the significant transactions done by the company was that between it and Nomura Holdings. Nomura Holdings bought 15 percent shares of the company at $888 million. The operation was a major boost to Fortress Investment Group. The acquired shares made the founder’s of paper billionaires. Wes Edens is recognized for his wise advice on corporate transactions. Mr. Edens took part in buying Springleaf Financial Services. Before it was purchased, it was referred to as AIG American General Finance. Later on, Fortress Investment purchased the biggest proportion of shares at Springleaf Holdings Inc. It is worth noting that Wes works at Springleaf as the company‚Äôs chairperson. Throughout the years, Springleaf has grown a lot in terms of profitability. Despite his busy schedule, Wesley does not neglect his family duties as he is married and has four children.

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