IAP Worldwide Makes a Difference in Brevard County Community by Providing Financial and Volunteer Support

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. and their employees are highly recognized in the Brevard County Community for providing financial and volunteer support to the Brevard Schools Foundation and other non-profit organizations. Around the world where IAP is located, the corporation and personnel support charities and educational organizations. Brevard County School System in Florida honored the company as Large Business Partner of the Year at its 2015 Annual Awards Ceremony, and Business Partner of the Year for their long-term commitment of supporting schools, students and educators. The company encourages students to become more involved in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics programs, which is also encouraged by the U.S. Government. IAP Worldwide is a proud partner with over 12 schools in Brevard County.

Barbara Jerich, Vice President of Human Resources at IAP Worldwide witnesses the continuous support of the corporation and personnel provide to the teachers and students. They work with the schools to promote and reinforce the importance of academics and economic development in the local community. The employees faithfully participate with the School Advisor Council Committee to recommend resources that helps the children. They successfully created food, educational field trips and career development programs to help families in need. The food program serves hundreds of families yearly by supplying meals to students on the weekends.

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The Superintendent of Brevard County School District said that IAP Worldwide illustrates to the community what “true partnership between a company and Brevard Schools” really is all about. The children, faculty members and educators appreciate their dedication to helping students stay educated and the future of the Brevard community. Brevard County School District and IAP are participating in the 2nd Annual 5K Community Run & Walk Event, scheduled in November 2016, in Satellite Beach. The corporation will be among other local businesses, residents, leaders and educators to help raise funds for charities supporting students, families and veterans.

IAP Worldwide is the top provider of logistics, operational support and technology solutions to national government agencies and non-government organizations. Since its originally formation in 1953 under previous names, IAP has added more services and products. While operating as Pan Am, the corporation built the first space launch center in the United States. The company eventually started providing services to support facilities maintenance, construction management and engineering. Presently, IAP manages over $300 million in contracts nationally and internationally and has acquired additional services, including aviation, IT, and communications.

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