Hulu updates app for viewer preferences, display, & new Live TV features

As the battle over the streaming media market continues, Hulu is making some changes that faithful viewers may welcome. The streaming service is giving its desktop and mobile apps an update to allow for better control over viewing preferences or suggestions. In addition, the service is trying to make their Hulu with Live TV aspect of the subscription service even better than before.


The Verge reported on Thursday that Hulu users can now get a better handle on all those suggestions and recommendations that Hulu provides to them. Basically, if a viewer has little to no interest in the recommended content, they can tell Hulu to stop giving those suggestions. Hulu’s VP of product Richard Irving said when a user chooses to dismiss the recommendations it will “remove the series, movie or sports league” from being recommended in the future.


Hulu is also changing the way a video appears on a viewer’s screen. There will now be a “portrait player” available to give viewers a choice of that view instead of the standard landscape display. That will be helpful with the Live TV aspect of the service, as it allows for a user to view the video at the top of their mobile phone with the channel listings underneath it. Speaking of that, the guide that most Hulu with Live TV viewers are currently able to see, is finally being added for smartphones.


There will also be a new Live TV control on the way. The company is reportedly giving viewers an icon available in the main navigation bar of the app or web interface. That icon can be clicked or tapped on to go to the last Live TV channel a viewer was watching.


Hulu has said they will debut the updated desktop version of their new format next week for only Live TV customers. Other Hulu subscribers without Live TV will see the new changes as of this summer. These latest moves should help Hulu as they continue to fight within a space they were among the original streaming services in. However, the streaming TV channels battle has really seemed to take shape within the past few years as Google, DirecTV, Sling TV, Sony, and Amazon are among those fighting in the space.

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