How Greg Secker Teaches Forex Trading

Those who want to learn how to make substantial amounts of money in Forex markets (currency trading) need a helping hand. They need help not just learning what they need to know to be effective traders, but they also need software that allows this trading to happen and does so in an easy to use way. Greg Secker is a master at Forex Trading as he learned from the best while working in the financial industry. It was while he was a Vice President at Mellon Financial Corporation, in particular, that he got an up-close look at how their Forex traders employed strategies.

After employing professional strategies when it came to Forex Markets, Greg Secker earned enough money to retire from the industry. Instead, he settled into his London home where he had set up his own Forex trading floor. He eventually grew bored of this and between that and his desire to help others succeed financially he decided to teach others his strategies.

Knowledge to Action Group is the parent company that Greg Secker created to teach others. The workshops about Forex markets that he has developed are offered through his company Learn To Trade. Through this company he offers a free to attend seminar to get people started on the path to effectively trading currencies. This first seminar lasts two hours and is filled with interesting material. During this seminar the attendees can sign up for a two-day course that goes into far greater detail.

Another company George Secker has is SmartCharts Software. This is the software package that people use when actively trading. It’s pretty simple to use and allows the user to track different indexes and make buy and sell orders. During the seminars people are taught the ins and outs of SmartCharts Software so that they can use it effectively.

In order to help others, he also founded the Greg Secker Foundation. This is a nonprofit organization that he established in 2010. It’s an organization that helps children with their education. It also helps build leadership and life skills that will stay with them for a lifetime.

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