How Chris Burch Developed The Best Hotel In The World

Fashion mogul Chris Burch is also heavily involved in creating brands in other industries. He has organic food brands, tech brands, and hospitality brands. He is well known around the world for a number of his retail clothing brands like Tory Burch and C. Wonder. He has also invested in many more. Chris Burch has been an entrepreneur since the mid-1970s and since that time has been highly involved in creating nearly 100 brands.

In 2012 Chris Burch teamed up with hotelier James McBride. They bought a beach hostel which is located on Sumba, an isolated Indonesian island. After the purchase was completed they shut down the hostel and invested $30 million into completely renovating it. It reopened in 2015 as a five-star resort. When Chris Burch was interviewed shortly after the reopening he said that the reason he bought and renovated this resort was two-fold. First, he wanted to buy it for his children who had fallen in love with it when first seeing it. The second reason was to preserve the property and give back to the local Sumbanese community. He says it is such a beautiful place that you can do things that would be simply impossible anywhere else, read (

His Sumba resort, now called Nihi Sumba, has 27 private villas. One of the villas is called Raja Mendaka and this is one of Chris Burch’s private homes along with other ones he has in the Hamptons and Miami. The Nihi Sumba is on Sumba’s west coast and is said to have one of the best surfing waves in the world, if not the best, according to The Nihi Sumba is now the biggest provider of jobs on Sumba which includes things such as butlers, chefs, cleaners, tour providers, management, and more. Some of the profits are donated to the Sumba Foundation which uses its money to build projects for the local community.

Visitors to Chris Burch’s Nihi Sumba have been suitably impressed. This hotel has 92% of people rating it as “Excellent” in Trip Advisor. The most common things talked about are the private pools, paddle boarding, and how great the other guests are. It is an award-winning hotel which was voted as #1 in the world twice by the readers of Travel & Leisure magazine, find out on


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