Has Apple Gone Too Far?

The executives at Apple just might has pushed a little too hard with their aggressive tactics. The Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission now want to take a closer look at the way Apple approaches its streaming ventures.

Most notably, Apple played hardball with Jay Z when the entertainer launched a streaming music service. Reportedly, Apple put a policy in place stating any musicians who provide exclusive music for Jay Z’s company would be barred from Apple’s streaming service. This is but one out of many complaints levied at Apple. The tech giant has also been pushing companies to get rid of free services so as not to compete with Apple’s subscription offerings.

InfoMoney mentioned that Fersen Lambranho considers reports of this nature to be shocking. After all, Apple has massive wealth reserves. Why would the company try and bully smaller outfits? Basically, Apple wants to preserve its status and eliminate competition.

Hopefully, Apple will resist the urge to become bullying and greedy.  Then again, Apple may be forced to change course unless it wishes to be sued and/or fined by regulatory agencies.

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