Greg Secker: The Multifaceted Businessman and International Speaker

When Greg Secker is mentioned in business circles, he elicits an aura of a multifaceted businessman. The 42-year-old businessman has several feathers in his cap. He is a philanthropist, an entrepreneur, master trader and an international speaker. Secker has founded Knowledge to Action group, an umbrella trading company that has several subsidiary companies under its wings. FX Capital, a forex investment service, SmartCharts Software for the latest trading technology and Capital Index which is a new brokerage firm. He also has the Greg Secker foundation which commits to positively impacting and improving lives of people around the globe.

Conversely, Greg says it is important to think of an idea and its outlook in several stages, fall in love with what you vision as the outcome, and then imagine the steps you would take for you to get to the right outcome. Greg believes that freedom of thought, choice, and companies competing for client’s business are a culmination of technology. This is the trend of power dissemination through the major players in the electronic media, and it’s the most exciting.

As an entrepreneur, Greg says having adequate time to think makes him more productive. Furthermore, he says when we have more time to work, we encroach on the time that we ought to take and think, or make something better. Greg once worked in a bar for a short while, but he did not like it. He, however, learned how to deal with people upfront by observing their body language. This helped him in knowing what tact to use for things to run well.

As an entrepreneur, Greg recommends reading books in no particular order. He also likes reading autobiographies of people known for their strong character other than their fame or fortune. Thinking of a strategy, testing it and putting the best foot forward have helped Greg Grow in his business. He says one should truly fear the fear of not doing something that one could have excelled at.

About Greg Secker

Born in 1975, Greg Secker is an English businessman, Founder of Knowledge to Action and author. He has expertise in foreign exchange and international education in financial trading. Greg is an international and motivational speaker and has been invited to speak alongside other notable speakers around the world. Greg Secker is committed to improving the lives of people through his not-for-profit organization dubbed The Greg Secker Foundation.

He has managed to Create and run of the most successful trading companies in Europe. He is committed to helping people learn how to become successful entrepreneurs. He is married and has three children.

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