Greame Holm, transforming the Australian finance arena through Infinity group Australia

Infinity group Australia recently clenched position 58 on the Australian financial review prestigious listing after it was nominated for the list a few months ago. This was quite a win considering that there were myriads of nominees from all over Australia and New Zealand fighting for the top 100 positions.


Ever since its inception in 2013, its two co-founders, Greame Holm and Rebecca Walker have done an excellent job in propelling it to the top, thereby turning it into one of the most rapidly growing debt reduction firms in Australia. Merely half a decade later since its inception, the firm is now being ranked among 2018’s most innovative companies by the Australian financial review.


This marks the seventh year since the Australian financial review first listed the most innovative companies. The list brings together companies from both Australia and New Zealand which continuously pioneer strategies that better the lives of others and as such boasts a vast reader audience from both nations.


Inventium, a renowned consultancy firm in Australia was part of the panel which reviewed the list. According to experts, the judges come up with the nominees and the top tiers based on how well they solve a problem and how their solution impacts the world. There were over a thousand nominees and in respect to that, Australia infinity group ranking 58th is quite a big deal.


Commenting on the win, co-founder of Australian infinity group, Greame Holm, who also accepted the honor, said that they are proud to be among the top tiers. He also went ahead to give credit where it’s due, by congratulating the skilled team of employees from the company for their relentless passion and dedication.


Headquartered in Bella Vista, Australian infinity group continues to take over the market thanks to its commitment to bettering the customer experience. By personalizing their client experience, the firm has helped speed up the process of mortgage payment by clients in comparison to when the old structure was in place. This has helped reduce mortgage debts massively as 100% of customers now pay more than what is expected of them on their home loans in the first ninety days.


About Greame Holm


Having been in real estate and the finance arena for close to two decades, Greame Holm boasts an impressive resume and an incredible career backdrop. Before establishing Infinity group Australia, GreameHolme had a lucrative career in the banking sector, and it is while here that he learned of the poor financial deals that most families received from these facilities. Driven by the desire to bring a better and fair solution to the table, Greame Holm went ahead to establish Infinity group and looking at its rapid growth and his achievements today; there is no doubt that he has achieved his objectives. Besides his company being listed on AFR, GreameHolme’s relentless efforts to bettering the lives of Australians have not gone unnoticed as he was recently honored and listed among MPA’s top 100 brokers. Learn more:

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