George Soros Predicts Market Futures for 2016

Billionaire George Soros issued a financial warning to all investors to be cautious in this delicate market. China is struggling to find a new plan for growth, their currency is losing value, and the US recently upped the interest rates, all these things combined can cause global market problems.
The new year kicked off with a slow market that took a sharp downturn that resulted in nearly $2.5 trillion being wiped off the global equities board. Though China is trying to adjust to the problem, it’s creating a crisis that is reminiscent of the challenges faced during the 2008 global financial crisis. Evidence to back his claims comes with the measure of volatility that is surging this year. The Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index gauges the fear in the market, and so far that is up 13%. The Nikkei Stock Average Volatility Index gauges the cost of protection on Japanese shares have reported a 43% climb for 2016. In response, China has pledged to heighten the yuan’s value by the year 2020 and to ease into a slow dismantle of capital controls. Information originally sourced from Bloomberg
Soros opinion carries heavy weight, his hedge fund management company, Soros Fund Management, gained an average of nearly 20% per year between 1969 through 2011. As a refugee who fled Budapest during the Nazi occupation of WWII, Soros graduated the London School of Economics then settled in the United States where he built a successful company and amassed an amazing fortune.
Soros is a strong supporter of human rights and open societies and through his Open Society Foundation he has helped numerous students in South Africa attend Cape Town University. His foundation has collected over $835 million to aid with their goals. Soros is also the author a numerous books, as well as highly publicized essays that cover topics like politics, economics, and society.
Sourced from George Soros

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