George Soros Attacked by Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck has made a career of launching ridiculous accusations at political figures without any concern for whether his statements are true at all. George Soros has been the target of particularly nasty accusations from Beck about his alleged role in the Nazi occupation of Hungary during World War II. Even though Beck has been scolded by much calmer and more respected voices in the broadcasting and political worlds, the fact that he had no intention of retracting his false statements or changing his unfortunate style of making headlines remains.

At the crux of Beck’s series of assaults on Soros is the accusation that Soros went out of his way to help the Nazis round up Jewish families in Hungary during World War II. This claim is particularly egregious given that George Soros Nazi was only 14 years old when the Nazis invaded and occupied Hungary in 1944. The picture that Beck carelessly paints of Soros is one of Soros directly aiding the Nazis in identifying Jews in Hungary to be sent to the Nazi death camps. In reality, Soros was a messenger for the Budapest Jewish Council, which hoped to reduce the amount of violence inflicted upon the Jewish community in Hungary and wanted to appease the Nazis so that they would go away. Rather than tell his Jewish countrymen to submit to the Nazi terror, Soros actually told them to defy Nazi orders to show up at the concentration camps so that they would avoid a gruesome death.

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Beck’s Dangerous Campaign

While Beck’s charge that Soros is capable of toppling governments around the world is a stretch, it is true that Soros is actively involved in fighting oppressive regimes and bringing democracy and open societies to all parts of the world. Soros was a primary factor in the global downfall of communism, and he continues to speak and write about political oppression whenever he has the chance. Just because Beck is not on board with Soros’ progressive ideas and principles does not mean that Beck has the right to fabricate outrageous lies about Soros’ childhood. There is literally no evidence that Soros has been anyone other than a defender of freedom during crucial times in history.

Spreading the lies that Soros is actually an anti-Semite is a new low for Beck. While his intentions are to instill outrage and anger among the more ignorant members of society, Beck is really only succeeding in making himself look like a fool. Soros has a proven track record of opposing violence and discrimination by governments against their own citizens. He supports political candidates who take a progressive stance on defending human rights around the world and has never backed down from a challenge. Just because Soros stands up for the oppressed does not mean that he feels the need to address assaults on his character. Soros is grounded in his own values enough to let Beck’s unsubstantiated remarks go unaddressed. This is a sign of his selfless nature and focus on helping other people rather than himself.

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