Dr. Rand is Taking an Innovative Approach to ED and Other Age Related Problems

Dr. Johanan Rand is an expert in the medical field who focuses his attentino on methods to treat aging and ED. He assists patients with aging related issues such as weight gain, ed, and more, using original, innovative methods. Dr. Rand’s innovative regenerative medicine is what sets him a part from other doctors in his field.

Dr. Johanan Rand has his own clinic, the Healthy Medical Center, where he offers many services to patients. Dr. Rand advises his patients, offers physical therapy, and has diet plans that patients can use to lose weight.

Dr. Rand’s diet plan that is offered to patients is 100-percent his own creation and consists of using hormones to stop people from feeling hungry and to curb cravings. The hormone used is a hormone that is only produced in women who are pregnant. This hormone can assist in stopping the destruction and decomposition with muscle tissue, a problem that many weight loss patients are subjugated to. This type of diet is preferred by patients that want to see quick results; patients are able to lose up to one pound per day with this weight loss plan.

Another problem that many older patients suffer from is ED. Dr. Rand uses alternative methods to invasive procedures to help patients that suffer from ED. Changes are made every year in the medical field concerning ED, so it is very difficult for aging patients to stay up to date on the options available. As an expert in biotech medical research, Dr. Rand has hormonal treatment for ED as well.

One of Dr. Rand’s methods of medical practicing is educating his patients. Dr. Johanan Rand believes that conversation should be a critical point in patient care. Most facilities don’t focus on educating their patients, but Dr. Rand and his clinic are different. Dr. Rand is also a public speaker, he provides information to audiences all over the country while traveling as a lecturer.


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