Doe Deere – Article Recap

Sometimes being a morning person is just so hard. It seems like almost no one is a morning person and going through your morning routine and enjoying every minute of it can get so lonesome, but there has been somewhat of a trend in the beauty community that makes us morning people feel not as alone and oddly connected with each other. That is, going through our morning routines together.


Morning routine vlogs and blogs are typically found on the beauty side of the internet and are absolutely a product of the internet alone. There is something about the insight into each other’s lives that makes us feel that much more whole and connected. There is something about learning the steps that immensely successful people do to start their days, that makes us feel that one day we too could be in their place, were we to take the steps they have. Even ones as simple as the way you start your day.


For Doe Deere, the bright, colorful and illustrious Queen of the Unicorns, being a morning person is all too easy. She does not even need an alarm clock to wake up at her regular waking time of 8:30am. Not too late, not too early. The drinks a full glass of water as her first thing she does for the day, replenishing any dryness from skin and giving her body and skin an H20 boost!


After this she performs a few morning stretches, again, this is nothing too strenuous and is incredibly attainable for everyone! The idea of working out sucks, but not working out sucks too! Stretching is the perfect happy medium. After this, Doe moves in for breakfast. Learn more:


What do you have for breakfast every day? Do you eat breakfast? Most don’t anymore, but it is a staple that is hugely important in Doe’s morning routine and usually consists of yogurt and fruit or grits. Out of the two, Doe prefer’s grits! (Who doesn’t?!) If this is a part of your morning routine that is lacking, maybe add this for an extra boost and you’ll see more days that contain the success of the companies founder.


Once breakfast is done, Doe spends time sending emails to work and checking social media before Doe moving on to hair and make up. Deere usually showers at night, so showers in the morning aren’t in this morning routine! She does her make up and hair, allowing her flowing curls to lay around her face like the perfect frame and now it’s time to start the day.


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