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Herbalife Nutrition is the first global nutrition company, and this company made Jonathan dos Santos who is a Mexican National Team member. As well he was announced as a signed LA Galaxy midfielder known to an elite multi-year sponsorship contract as an associate of Jonathan’s official sports performance nutrition through 2012 MLS season. Rich Goudis who serves as Herbalife Nutrition Chief Executive Officer said that they were delighted to be the partner of the exclusive sports performance nutrition of Jonathan. Dos Santos is official nutrition as well as sports performance associate, and has the authority to access the Herbalife24® sports performance products of the company.

These products are certified by NSF for Sport®, to assist in fueling him in his hard work to improve his performance in the field. Jonathan dos Santos said that as an athlete he understood the necessity of balanced nutrition and he was delighted to work together with Herbalife Nutrition as well as its nutrition and sports specialists to develop a plan that is personalized to ensure that he would achieve appropriate nutrition and hydration required to compete and win. It is at LA Galaxy players’ lounge where Jonathan dos Santos was led to the products.

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Jonathan utilizes Herbalife24® Rebuild Strength to begin his morning as well as post-practice. Currently, Jonathan worked together with the team of Herbalife Nutrition to make a video while preparing the shake recipe that he loves most. He calls it “Banana Sunrise.” The sponsorship as well as includes helping the united community partnership initiatives, marketing initiatives of the company and sports nutrition education. Jonathan dos Santos is a resident of Mexico City. At his early age, Jonathan and his brother known as Giovani joined the famed academy of FC Barcelona. Both of them put efforts and managed to join the first team of Barcelona.

Herbalife Nutrition is an international firm that aims at making the world healthier and happier. Since 1980, this firm has been working hard to change the lives of people with great nutrition programs and products. The firm together with its independent suppliers are devoted in providing answers to the worldwide issues of obesity and poor nutrition, skyrocketing public healthcare costs, an aging population, and emerging of the entrepreneurs of different ages. Herbalife Nutrition provides best-quality, science-backed products. Most of these products are manufactured in the firm-oriented facilities together with face to face coaching with an independent distributor of Herbalife Nutrition as well as the supportive community approach which motivates clients to embrace a healthier and active lifestyle.

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