Clay Siegall Promotes Environment Awareness Too

Clay Siegall is promoting a number of things to cool the environment. These include the “cover crops” that can be grown on those fields where the crops have already been harvested. Such kind of plants plays a very effective role in cooling the environment. Besides, they help in keeping the soil in place. This way the nutrients do not escape as they do not fly away with air or get washed down with flowing water. Also, the nutrients will not be moving out and polluting the water streams that flow nearby.


Clay Siegall is concerned as the farmer is not very keen for these crops. But he feels that they can be motivated educating them to cover these fields. It can be done by paying them a lot of money for it. This has worked well enough in Maryland.


Clay Siegall further states that cover crops can pay for themselves as they ensure the health of the soil by keeping the valuable nutrients inside the field only. Thus the farmer does not have to buy a lot of fertilizer. This saves him the money as well as energy as less work is required to spread fertilizer in the fields.


In 1998 Clay Siegall became the founder of Seattle Genetics. Currently, he is the President of this company as well as its Chief Executive Officer. He is on its Board of Directors also. Seattle Genetics has a highly diverse portfolio. It is targeting at cancer with autoimmune indications. Under the leadership of Clay Siegall, Seattle Genetics has become the leading company that deals in antibody technologies.


This company manages its activities by raising capital. Till now they have managed to secure more than $330 million. This has been managed by the public as well as private financings.


Clay Siegall is responsible for multiple collaborations. These include an exclusive agreement that has been entered with Genentech. This is for SGN-40. It is a global collaboration valued at $860 million. There are several ADC collaborations too with Genentech, besides MedImmune and CuraGen. There are a few others with Bayer, Progenics and so on.

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