Clay Siegall: Archetypal Physician with Outstanding Entrepreneurial Skills

Clay Siegall has a passion for research. This zeal to find the cure for cancer has played a significant part in the growth of Seattle Genetics, a firm where Clay is a manager. With him at the helm, the company has allocated substantial amounts towards cancer research, which incorporate the use of high-end, innovative devices. For this reasons, Seattle Genetics has transformed from a novice entity into a leading pharmaceutical giant.

Under the leadership of Clay, Seattle Genetics became the first institution to produce antibody drug conjugates (ADCs). Their flagship ADC, named ADCETRIS®, was recently accredited by the Food and Drug Administration. Since its launch, the drug has received a warm welcome in the market, spreading worldwide to over 60 different countries. Also, other ADCs are still in various developmental stages and will be released shortly.

As the pioneer of ADC technology, Seattle Genetics hold its patents. However, the firm recently signed pacts that allowed other global drug giants to use the technology. The deals, which include Roche and GlaxoSmithKline, are reported to have earned Seattle Genetics a whopping $350 million.

Moreover, Clay’s leadership has also bolstered the financial stability of Seattle Genetics. His strategies, which include fundraisers and an initial public offering, have amassed a revenue of $1 billion.


Clay Siegall uses his WordPress blog to voice his perspective on various contemporary issues that are faced by humans in day-to-day life. One of his recent posts provides an insight into Georgetown, a small urban center in Texas that depends entirely on off-grid sources of energy such as solar and wind turbines. A link to the radio program on which the subject was first covered as appended to the post.

Furthermore, there is a post that sheds light on the importance of soy to cancer patients. The results of a survey conducted by students at Tuft University suggest that women who use soy live longer live as compared to those who don’t. The research also found out that contrary to popular belief, soy is harmless. Also, the study revealed that consumption of soy mitigates the effects of breast cancer.

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