Home Internet With Wi-Fi Is One Of FreedomPop’s Mobile Wireless Services

I always wanted the Internet in my home, but I was skeptical about getting it. I’ve read a lot of horror stories by people who have to pay tons of money each month for Internet service, and I just couldn’t afford to do that. I would like the Internet in my home, and Wi-Fi would even he great, but I didn’t want to spend a fortune each month for Internet services. The minimum I was told that I could pay for Internet is $55 a month, and that was just too much money. I decided to do some shopping around to see what I could find.

I did find a few other companies that offered great introductory prices, but a lot of them wanted a commitment, which is another thing I didn’t want to do. I wanted to be able to pay for the Internet I needed, and I didn’t want unlimited Internet. I also wanted a company that didn’t require a one year commitment, and maybe I could pay for the service as I go. I also was hoping to get Wi-Fi service in my home as well. I know I was asking for a lot, but I knew I could find it somewhere.

It turns out that I was right. I could find the service I was looking for at the price I wanted to pay. I found out about FreedomPop services, and I was thrilled. I ordered the FreedomPop home hub, and it’s a great Internet modem that also provides Wi-Fi. Not only do I get high-speed Internet with the hub, but I can also connect many different devices to it at one time. I have a tablet, a cell phone, and a laptop, so I know I can utilize the Wi-Fi services in my home. It’s also great because the cost is extremely low, and I only pay if I go over my allotted gigabyte limit.

I decided that FreedomPop was an excellent deal, and I went ahead and ordered the modem. I set up the modem in no time, and I was surfing the Internet very quickly. I don’t do a lot on the Internet, but I’m able to get a certain amount of gigabytes free each month with FreedomPop, and once I go over the data allotment, I only pay 0.7 cents per additional megabytes that I use.

Many service providers out there today will want you to pay a lower cost each month, but they require a one year commitment, and this is not something that I can do. Suppose I get a promotion and have to move to another city, then if the city doesn’t have my current service provider, then I’ll be in breach of the contract. Having no contract with FreedomPop is the best deal because it means I’m free to disconnect my services if I need to. I would recommend FreedomPop Internet services (downloadable link here) to anyone trying to save money on Internet in their home.

Augmented Reality Has Big Plans for the Future

You may have heard the term augmented reality thrown around here and there, but you probably don’t realize exactly how abundant this technology will be for future generations. While this spin-off of virtual reality may seem a bit gimmicky with products like Google Glass and Microsoft HoloLens offering fun and entertaining uses for augmented reality, like watching a holographic movie. But developers of the emerging software assure users that this isn’t the case. In fact, augmented reality has big plans that may impact all major areas of our lives. Beneful, who you can check-out on Facebook, thinks it may impact our pets as well.

HoloLens by Microsoft, for example, is planning application for their augmented reality technology in schools, homes, hospitals, and offices. Also, NASA has taken interest in implementing training tools using HoloLens. Medical students will soon be learning how to treat patients via virtual lesson with amazing visual detail.

Augmented reality could allow professionals to engage with 3D designs that provide much more detail, and entertainment, than any other business tool that Is currently on the market.

Though, the HoloLens competitor, Google Glass, was considered by the tech industry as an epic failure with little or no use coming from the development.

AT&T Cuts No Corners

Without question, the United States is currently at a stand still when it comes to race relations. There are those who understand the racial plight of minorities and can empathize with the victims. On the other hand, there are those whose perspectives may not be able to reach the lengths of what needs to be reached in order to understand the unrest of the minorities. What has not been touched on however, is the degree to which non-whites and non-blacks stand. It seems like lines have been divided and sides have been chosen. People are choosing sides with the best use of their moral compass. But what can be said about companies and corporations who come under attack for their race relations?

AT&T has been the first company in recent news to punish its executives and employees for any and all misguided opinions and actions when it comes to race relations. Brad is actually glad to see this. Aaron Slator was at one point a prominent executive for AT&T. On Tuesday, April 28th Slator was fired by the company Tuesday after becoming the subject of a $100 million discrimination lawsuit. The company later released a statement claiming that “there is no room for demeaning behavior at AT&T.” http://www.buzzfeed.com/mbvd/att-fires-executive-hit-by-100-million-racial-discrimination#.kn5yGAjDyY Slator was the president of content and ad sales, and the company went as far as to say they regretted not firing him sooner. While race relations are at an all time high, it’s refreshing to see a company take such a substantial leap to ease the distress.

The Benefits of Using FreedomPop

For anyone who is looking to cut down on their current wireless bill, it is necessary to seek out other service providers who are able to assist with this process. Simply cutting down on usage from the current provider likely is not an option. Even the basic service plans that include any sort of desirable data is going to be expensive. The larger companies do provide bare bones services that offer only a few hundred megabytes worth of data streaming. However, for someone who listens to Pandora or another music station, this amount is going to be used up in only a few days. With the help of FreedomPop though, it is possible to cut down not only on the amount of money used for data, but the amount of money spent on the entire plan in general.

FreedomPop is a company that provides hotspot access across the country. With the agreements the company has made with some of the largest chains in the country, it currently has over 10 million hot spots supplied through its service and this number is continually growing every single day. Due to this, once someone signs up for the $5 a month service, they are able to download the FreedomPop application to their mobile device and, when they launch it, the device tells them where all of the hotspots in the area is. With over 10 million, it is possible for most individuals to be able to access dozens from just a short distance.

With this service, a user can drastically cut down on the amount of data they sign up for with their service provider. They may actually be able to cut down ton the bare bones service, which is far less than signing up for the multiple gigabyte service.

Most mobile phone service providers also charge for unlimited minutes. Now, it is possible to go down to a few hundred minutes a month and cut the bill even further with the help of FreedomPop. This is because through the hotspot connection, users are able to make Wi-Fi based phone calls. These calls do not use any sort of minutes, so the person’s plan is able to remain in tact, without every spending more than they need to. For saving money, FreedomPop is the answer.

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Google Fighting ISPs

Google is taking a stand against big ISPs such as AT&T and Comcast. There have been recent talks about reclassifying ISPs as utilities. Companies such as AT&T have come out and said that this would hurt their ability to invest in future networks (Follow this link for more information). Google has now come out and said that these net neutrality plans being considering by the government would not effect their plans to dish out their Google Fiber Internet service. Google says that these laws would in no way impede their plans to expand and does not alter their plans to invest into Google Fiber. Big name ISPs do not want this to happen because it would allow Google Fiber access to common utility polls that are currently being used by the likes of Comcast and AT&T.  Google Fiber has received glowing reviews by Sultan Alhokair and others in the cities it currently is in and could be a huge player in the ISP world if these laws get passed.