NASA Looks for Aid on Spitzer Missions

The mark of a leader is knowing when you need help, and no organization has done more for the space race than that of NASA. NASA has been working on their space telescopes, dubbed their ‘Gret Observatories’, and that has led to them trying to get United States based organizations involved. NASA made the announcement that they would like to see if there are any institutions within the United States that would be interested in taking over the day-to-day operations of the prestigious Spitzer Space Telescope. The reason? NASA has lost funding for the IR observatory and it will run out by 2019. Interested applicants must submit their information by November 17th of 2017.

Paul Hertz is director for NASA’s astrophysics division and during a meeting for the Astophysics Advisory Committee he announced, “We would be thrilled if there was a non-NASA party interested in funding the operations…”. Right now, Hertz and the team at NASA will stay hands on in operation of the Spitz until March of 2019 while the prepare their observations for the equally important James Webb Space Telescope. The goal in having a private party come aboard is to help NASA handle some of the immense cost associated with the ambitious projects.

Lisa Storrie-Lombardi, the project manager at Spitzer, released a statement making it very clear that the observatory was in “excellent health”. She want on to say that there were no hardware issues with the Spitzer. There are, however, problems that hover about the Spitzer — almost literally. Spitzer follows the Earth in orbit which means that the massive machine is drifting further away from our planet every single year, making it harder for communications to come through cleanly. As the Spitzer moves further away, it must angle itself more and more severely to pitch back information. The Spitzer has never had to turn more than 30 degrees away from the sun but it is rapidly approaching that point — which may bode trouble for the solar panels.

The Upside of Only Five Tech Firms Controlling the U.S

The U.S is home to Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. The five tech giants presently control over 90 percent of smartphone technology, e-commerce, social media, etc. In his recent article posted on the New York Times’ website, Farhad Manjoo analyzes the five tech companies noting both the good and bad associated with the “frightful five” as Manjoo refers to them.

Manjoo’s article comes in the wake of the revelation by Facebook that a Russian company bought ads on the social networking platform to influence last year’s presidential poll. In fact, Facebook, Google, alongside the influential but not so big Twitter appeared before the Congress this week to testify about how their game-changing technology could have influenced the presidential poll. Manjoo’s endless arguments that the frightful five’s size and influence pose a danger were confirmed this week. He suggests that the tech giants have demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt that they are out to reshape the world and the impact of their actions could be positive or negative. Before discussing the downside of only five tech giants controlling the U.S and parts of the world, Manjoo delves into the positives of the five being in charge.

Manjoo suggests that although the actions of the frightful five could influence the society in a not so positive way, the government can quickly reign on them. He illustrates this point with the recent appearance of Facebook, Google, and Twitter’s executives before the Congress. Would the same be possible if the internet was under the control of uncountable small firms?

The members of the frightful five are uncomfortable with each other, and Manjoo explains that this is a good thing especially for the users of tech. The five are continuously in a cold war meant to outdo the other either by investing heavily in research to widen the span of their control or developing new tech. The result are innovations which are beneficial to consumers

Strikingly, the five are American brands meaning that they are subject to the American laws and values.

Bob Reina Propagates Talk Fusion culture

Bob Reina has a wealth of experience in direct sales and video marketing industries. He is currently the CEO of Talk Fusion, a video marketing company. Drawing from this experience, Reina has often shared his unique perspectives on various issues. The motivation behind his desire to share information can be traced to his belief in helping people to succeed.

HuffPost has provided a suitable platform for dissemination of information, and Reina has often used this platform since August 2016. On this platform, he highlights various topics including skillful selling, video technology trends, and self-development. HuffPost rebranded recently, a move that Reina is pleased.

In a recent article, Reina writes tactfully about how to promote with a purpose. The marketing campaign must get crafted in such a manner that it resonates with the target group. Agreeably, a promotion that most people can remember is one that came with a personal traction. To achieve this involves a clear understanding of the target group through research aimed at developing campaigns that produce results.

In a recent article on technology and marketing expertise, Reina gives insights on how to understand the target audience. Importantly, you should reflect on those who will benefit from the products to be offered by the business. The result is that customers will be more satisfied and consequently develop deeper connections with the company. He also advises businesses to stay ahead of their competitors, considering how they promote their products.

Other tactics that Reina gives on promotion with a purpose include strengthening networks. Businesses can use various social media forums to know the interests of its customers from the social media. By checking on what customers like or follow it is possible to align your products to fit their needs.

Reina’s spirit of giving back to the community forms the core of Talk Fusion. It’s dedicated to helping businesses to stand out through dynamic ways that have improved the view of marketing. The company itself has innovative products that are marketed by independent associates person to person. Talk Fusion supports numerous charities and organizations in its mission of giving back to the community. Learn more:


Netflix Sees Stock Soar

For the past decade one of the top tech companies in the world has been Netflix. While Netflix started as a company that shipped DVDs to people at a more affordable rate, they have continued to disrupt the entertainment industry. After putting traditional DVD rental businesses out of business, they now appear to having a big impact on the traditional home cable service providers. While they have had a negative impact on the traditional cable companies, they appear to be a big hit with investors as the stock for the company went up more than ten percent in value this week (

On Tuesday morning, investors in Netflix stock received some great news about the performance of the company. Netflix announced that they had added more than 5.3 million new users in the past quarter of 2017, which was almost twice what the market was expecting. This was just the latest example of growth in the company that has not been matched by any other providers in the country.

Overall, the company reported $2.79 billion in revenue in the quarter, which was just a little bit higher than the estimates. What was surprising to many people was that the company actually reported a smaller net profit of just 15 cents per share compared to Wall Street estimates of 16 cents per share.

While Netflix is clearly a leader in content providing and will continue to have an impact on the entertainment industry, the company does still have to deal with concerns over cash burn. The company has focused a lot on buying content over the past few years. While this has attracted a lot of customers to the service, it has led to a big cash drain. Cash flow was negative $920 million in 2015 and negative $1.7 billion in 2016.

The Advent Of The Autonomous Car

In the near future companies like Apple and Google, which have succeeded in phones and electronic technology, they now can enter a new business for themselves as carmakers. Many of you have probably heard of Google’s autonomous car.. I wonder at what point are we currently developing this car? What can we do in the autonomous car? Can I drive the car even though the car is set to drive itself? How fast can autonomous vehicles be driven? Is there a danger of the threat of online hackers to autonomous vehicles? I also find myself wondering, in how much control will I be if I am driving this car? Will the company have more control over my whereabouts than I do?

Currently, a number of automotive manufacturers are actively developing vehicles with complete autopilot installed systems. Also most cars are equipped with electric motors, which are operated with batteries. For example, the company developed Audi’s autonomous vehicle tentatively called A9. Even the company Mercedes has invested millions of dollars into developing an innovative car of the future, which will be a completely autonomous vehicle operating on autopilot. The development is based on the car’s futuristic concept, which was presented in several exhibition rooms in 2015. The concept was named Mercedes-Benz F 015.

From the beginning, the automotive industry is one that has operated on the legislative level, so it is well known that the driver must sit in the front seat of his car, with hands on the steering wheel. For example, according to most of the laws in western civilized countries, during the ride, the driver should always have both of their hands upon the steering wheel, except his movements change only to shift gears. But with the advent of autonomous vehicles, all of these so called rules of the road, will soon change. For example, with this new development, a designated driver may legally jump into the back seat and take a nap as the car is moving, never having to intervene in the vehicle’s auto-piloted driving. In addition, the driver could sit in the passenger seat now, without even touching the steering wheel, as keeps reading the newspaper while finishing his breakfast.

Talk Fusion: The Awards Mean A Lot

The first rule in business is you have to believe in what you are doing and why you are doing it. As far as Talk Fusion is concerned, they believe in what they are doing because they know it is important work and they know it is work that makes a difference in the well being of people’s lives. It is not just any old job they are doing as a video communications company. Yes, it pays them, but that is not the sole purpose behind it. They are also doing it to make an impact on people’s lives. That quote comes straight from Bob Reina, the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion. He founded the company back in 2007 right when the tech world was starting to blossom and bloom.


Now, they are looking back on 2016 and the awards they received. Keep in mind; they are doing this for the customers and to give them the chance to use all of their video features to better themselves. With their video newsletters, they can keep people informed on what is happening with their company. By doing it in a video format, they reach a whole lot of people with one video. Instead of having to send out multiple videos, they reach everyone at once. With video emails, they can add a personal touch and keep in fun.


Going back to the awards, one of the awards they received from the Technology Marketing Corporation was for the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award ( This was their second award from this company. It means that what they are doing is something of quality and something of value. It is not just a regular company. It proves what they are doing out there is special and it means something. It matters to people.


Talk Fusion has it figured out and it makes them very happy to get recognized by people in the industry and also people that use the product. They love the attention to detail which is shown by the IT team as they really get every little thing right.


Who is Eric Pulier? A Life of Innovation and Humble Beginnings

Eric Pulier was born a regular boy. He was not born into any sort of financial wellness, and lived a very typical childhood. Though he was born into a normal environment, he was not born normal. Eric Pulier has been an innovator, and placed himself on the road of entrepreneurship, at an early age. In the fourth grade he was programming PCs and in high school he started his own company of computer data bases. During these times, he worked odd jobs in his humble home town of New Jersey. He entered Harvard in 1984 and graduated with great honors four years later. In 1991 he became the founder of PDT, People Doing Things, a company that uses technology to help issues in education, health care, among others. Eric is a serial entrepreneur and has been involved in presidency affairs, creating and executing the Presidential Technology Exhibition in 1997. Some of his other companies include Akana, Desktone, and Media Platform. Aside from building companies, he is also involved in helping others do the same, by aiding them in raising capital.


As far as education goes, Eric Pulier has the bragging rights that anyone would want to have, being a summa cum laude graduate from Harvard University. He spent his elementary, middle, and high school years in New Jersey, then, after graduating high school, headed off to Harvard. At Harvard, Eric studied literature and science, and graduated in the year 1988. Like many serial entrepreneurs, Eric Pulier does not stop learning, and one of his best book recommendations is “Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think” by Peter Diamandis. He stresses the fact that technology and innovation is the only factor that keeps humanity moving towards a better future and this is what Eric believes in one hundred percent.

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Personal Life

Eric Pulier is a father of four. With four children to take care of, he uses his mornings to read and prepare for the day in serenity and free of distractions. Like many successful entrepreneurs and business owners, Eric uses a regular schedule and tries really hard to stay within the allotted time to each task. He carries a pen and notebook to be ready whenever a new idea pops into his head. This is something that the author Napoleon Hill mentions in his book, “Think and Grow Rich”. A personal trait that has made him a success is his ability to take time to think a problem thoroughly. He then spends time writing the solution to it.


Eric understands that the life of an entrepreneur is that of solving problems, efficiently. He’s always been passionate about technology and its ability to help millions of people. His main philosophy is structured around finding a problem that can be solved with technology and then taking it into a large market. In his own words, “the best ideas in the world are useless if you do not have a way to bring them to a large market.” What good would an iPhone have in the hands of only a few individuals? Another one of his philosophies is being able to help fellow entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life. He does this by being a venture capitalist, where his job is to review ideas and the team trying to execute them, to make sure it will be a productive use of his time and money.

Entrepreneurial Life

During his initial stage of entrepreneurship, it was easy for Eric Pulier to get his company into a profitable stage because he was able to implement his philosophies towards it. He figured out the logistics of his product and how it would be launched, by investing long periods of time into it. He soon figured out the three different aspects of running a successful company which are, managing cashflow, leading employees, and ongoing product development. There most certainly were times when he had to be extra diligent, but he internally knew that his ideas would end up successful. Looking at difficult times as a learning experience, Eric understood that these would only push him further into a successful entrepreneurship career.

When Eric Pulier founded Digital Evolution, an interactive agency, he had to rely on word of mouth marketing. Marketing was much different in 1994 than it is now, so customer support, word of mouth, & perseverance played a huge role in growing his customer base for this company. Now, he uses pay per click campaigns as one of the main marketing tools to attract customers. Like many entrepreneurs, Eric understands the value of keeping track of marketing campaigns, budgets, and conversions because it is too easy to blame a campaign and not know why it failed in the first place.

Self Awareness

Entrepreneurs are known for needing to have a very healthy ego. At the end of the day, this ego is what helps them believe in themselves and their ideas enough, but there has to be a healthy balance of self awareness as well. The ego cannot hinder an entrepreneur’s ability to realize the truth. Eric Pulier seems to have very strong self awareness. He understands that sometimes he can’t do it all himself and so he is able to understand what he needs help in and who, and when to delegate it. When asked what he thinks makes him successful, he responded with an answer that only the top entrepreneurs can relate to. He had to risk his own capital, and so, this made him take it more seriously. Selling his first company has been one of his happiest moments in business, because it was tangible proof of success, and a reward for the amount of time and energy it took to get to that point. It is like seeing a baby grow and then head off to college to become something bigger and better.

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