The All-Screen Dream Smartphone is In the Works

When people are asked what the ideal smartphone is, the common responses that they give is a phone with all screen and no borders. There are no buttons or anything other than a screen. There is good news for those fans. This is very close to becoming a reality. For one thing, there have been smartphones released with a screen that takes up more space than usual. As a matter of fact, the smartphone is almost all screen and no borders. One company that comes to mind is Samsung. They have released the Galaxy S8 with the endless screen. Of course other companies are jumping on the bandwagon with what they can do with their screens.

Given that the smartphone market is heating up, it is important for other smartphone companies to make sure that they are coming up with something that is innovative. While Samsung does have the lions share of the smartphone market along with Apple, there are plenty of other companies that are just competing for a share in the market profits. However, the one who manages to bring forth something very new for the consumer is going to be the one to beat out all of the other competitors.

The edge-less phone is going to be the next step for smartphone technology. This is going to be the one that is going to have people in amazement. When they get to enjoy all of the benefits of a smartphone with a larger screen and no borders, then they are going to be enjoying devices more. Of course there are plenty of other inventions that people can bring forth in order to get themselves ahead of the smartphone market.

Breakthrough Made Building Synthetic Soft Brain Tissue With 3D ‘Bioprinting’

Scientists have taken a leap forward toward the goal of growing artificial human organ replacements thanks to a new application of 3D printing technology. The new method has successfully created material that is soft and spongy like human brain and lung tissue.

Using a 3D printer, researchers create shapes similar to human organs using a synthetic composite hydrogel. Once these organ “scaffolds” are completed, they are “populated” with living cells which grow on the spongy material to fill out a complete organ.

There’s still a lot of bugs to be worked out of the process, however. For example, developers of the technique have yet to work out a way to prevent underlying layers from collapsing when additional layers are added. Because 3D printers work by spraying on layer after layer, each additional layer puts more pressure on the lower sections.

But there’s considerable reason for optimism. A fix has been developed that involves cooling down the lower layers with a cryogenic freezing technique. This makes them more stable and able to accept additional layers of material. After printing is completed, the frozen layers can be thawed slowly. The key is to maintain the integrity of the shape desired once fully warmed.

So far, brain-shaped 3D-printed organs have been populated with skin cells which are added over a layer of collagen applied to the hydrogel. The method is not yet ready for real brain cells, although smaller brain parts have been successfully populated using genuine neurons. Making a whole brain “scaffold” with the 3D print method has yet to be perfected.

This cutting-edge 3D bioprinting research is being conducted by the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London in cooperation with the Tissue Engineering and Biophotonics Division of King’s College London.

It’s unclear when cryogenic bioprinting will be ready for actual human transplant. However, the ability to produce soft-tissue structures with this technique is a significant accomplishment.

Verizon Wireless to Start Locking New Smartphones

Verizon Wireless announced on Monday that it will soon start locking new smartphone purchases made in store or online. This lock would exist for a fixed period of time, during which the user would be unable to insert a new SIM card and activate service through a different cellular carrier.

In recent years, Verizon has sold unlocked smartphones in their retail and online stores. When a customer would buy a new Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, a Verizon SIM card would come pre-installed in the device, but the owner could remove it at any time and activate a new network either in the United States or abroad. Verizon had agreed to follow this process as part of settlement with the FCC, which granted the company access to a block of 4G network space in exchange for not blocking customers from switching networks.

Verizon’s new policy regarding locked phones is expected to go into effect this spring. The company does not believe it contradicts the agreement with the FCC, primarily because the driver of the change is related to theft protection. Verizon believes that by locking all new smartphones after purchase, it will deter criminals from trying to steal the devices.

Verizon has yet to reveal how long the locking policy will apply to new phones. Currently, other major U.S. carriers have similar rules in place. At&T locks smartphones for a minimum of 60 days, while T-Mobile’s wait period is 40 days.

As a result of this announcement from Verizon, more of the network’s customers may choose to shop directly from manufacturers like Apple and Samsung. When a phone is purchased directly from one of those companies’ stores, the device is delivered fully unlocked with no restrictions on what type of SIM card can be activated on it.

How Consuming Entertainment Has Changed

In the past 10 years there has been a lot of changes made to how people consume entertainment. Just a little over 15 years ago, if anyone wanted to watch any type of video, they needed a TV set. However, there were some computers and laptops with DVD drives. Then YouTube has came out which has brought forth advancements to streaming technology. Eventually, streaming has gotten to the point where people can watch high quality pictures in fluid motion. Before YouTube, people were for the most part stuck with choppy and blurry video. The interesting thing is that the choppy and blurry videos were viewed on much larger screens.

Then as recently as 5 years ago, the smartphone has become one of the most popular devices. One thing that made the smartphone stand out from the other types of phones is that people were able to watch videos. The best part is that some of the best smartphones at the time allowed 1080p high definition playback. This gave people the ability to watch images that are very clear and sharp. The best thing about this is that even though the screen is a lot smaller than a television or even a smaller computer monitor, the definition was so high that people can easily make out video definition as if they were watching it on a larger screen.

Another interesting thing about smartphones is that they can present images that have a sharpness that can actually surpass that of some of the lower end digital cinema projectors. With 4K technology available, it is only a matter of time before they start releasing smartphones equipped for 4K playback.

How to Decide on the Right Device

It is expected for everyone to have an online device or access to an online device. For people that are in the market for a new device such as a smartphone or a computer, there are a few factors to consider when looking for a product. In order to find the right product, it is important to examine one’s purpose. For instance, if one is going to live an active lifestyle, he might want a durable smartphone. A good camera could work wonders for this lifestyle in case one wants to record something from his daily activities to show on social media video sites.

When picking out a device, one of the most important things is the intended use. If someone is buying a computer to play video games on, he is going to want the most powerful computer he can find. The same can be said for people who are looking for computers to render art or edit videos as well as add some visual flair to the project. One of the brands that has a good track record is Dell. Of course people can also use products from Apple, they are said to be very powerful.

Even though the tablet has pretty much slowed down in production, there are still tons of tablets available in the form of 2 in 1 devices. This combines the touchscreen function of the tablet with the keyboard. In some cases, they are even called 2 in 1 laptops. Either way, they have the function of a tablet combined with the features of a laptop. One of the best things about computer technology is that there is a lot of diversity.

Facebook is Making Some Big Changes and it’s not Good News for Everyone

Facebook is making some changes and it’s not necessarily a good thing for everyone. For the longest time, Facebook has been plagued by “fake news.” They’ve been accused of contributing to the spread of viral fake news without doing anything to stop it. Facebook is now saying enough is enough. They’re making sure that users know that they’re serious about combatting misinformation on the internet.

According to TechCrunch, Facebook has made changes to users’ homepages. They will be working to push local news sites to the top of peoples’ feeds. Facebook is doing this because it will help users to get more localized content that is not only accurate but matters the most to them. Facebook is also doing this because they’ve been facing a lot of heat for the news sources that come across users’ feeds. Many mainstream media outlets are accused of being politicized. Therefore, Facebook wants to disassociate themselves with them, showing that they are independent and don’t share the same thoughts and beliefs.

Facebook users still have a say in all of this, however. They have the option to go into individual pages and click whether or not they want to see posts first on certain pages. Facebook cannot completely control what users are seeing. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, is still proud of everything that they’re accomplishing. He believes by having users focus on local news, it’ll bring people together more than divide them. The new Facebook changes have already been taking effect across the United States. Facebook says it’s a work in progress until they ultimately decide how everything is going to work out.

People are split on the issues. On one hand, this is great news for users who are sick of seeing content that doesn’t interest them. On the flip side, there are also users who come to rely on Facebook for their national news fix. It will be interesting to see how this all balances out in the long run.

The Age of Self-Driving Vehicles

The era of automation just beginning and the 2020s are likely to be known as the decade of the self-driving car. Vehicles that are able to navigate and operate without human intervention, often in a far safer and more efficient manner, are poised to create sweeping changes to the very fabric of our daily lives. Everything from urban design to the transportation industry can expect to experience nothing short of a revolution thanks to advent of autonomous vehicles.

The sheer number of autonomous vehicles that can be expected in the next few years may be much higher than many people might assume, and there is a growing list of places where drivers may already be sharing the road with automated cars, trucks and even buses. While this new technology is still in its infancy, the latest vehicles show a great deal of promise and are often able to outperform their human counterparts in terms of operational safety, adherence to traffic laws and even reduced instances of driver-caused traffic congestion.

Removing human drivers from the equation is likely to have a major impact that will be felt across numerous economic sectors. While long-haul drivers, couriers and others who work within the transportation industry may be the first to experience changes due to the growing popularity and numbers of self-driving vehicles, they will not be the last. Automotive insurance providers, healthcare professionals who see large volumes of collision-related trauma and injuries and even those who deal in city and urban development may soon begin to see a great deal of change within their respective industries. Fully-automated vehicles have a lot to offer and the numerous and significant ways that they may begin to change the world around may be just a preview as to what future trends in automation may have to offer.

Upcoming Phones in the First Part of 2018

This is another exciting time to be a smartphone owner. For one thing, LG, Moto, Samsung and the other smartphone giants are getting their phones ready for release. These phones have some good updates that are going to make their phones faster as well as more durable. One thing to expect from the upcoming smartphones is high resolution video playback and recording, better security, and plenty of other features that make the smartphones worthwhile. One good thing about the chances of the upcoming smartphones is that they are always going to sell because of the need for upgrades.

The type of smartphone to get depends on the type of features one is looking for. People that live a rougher lifestyle may want a smartphone that has features that enhance the durability of the item. For instance, they may want something that is waterproof. The LG G7 is one phone that is going to be waterproof. This allows people to use the phone even if they have an accident that causes it to be wet. For people that want to have the latest and greatest, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is looking to be that phone. However, there might be some underrated gems that are going to outperform Samsung.

For people that are looking forward to these phones, there are a few things that they can do in order to make sure that they get the latest batch. One thing they can do is find out when they are being released. Another thing they can do is see if their carrier is going to carry the phones. They can pre-order the phones and get them shipped to their homes or just buy them at the store of their choice.

Samsung is Getting Ready to Announce the Samsung Galaxy S9

One thing that can be said about the smartphone market is that there seems to be an advancement every time someone turns around. It is not that long since the Samsung Galaxy S8 has come out. Now, there is already going to be an announcement of the S9. Samsung has announced that the S9 is going to have many subtle enhancements. This could mean anything. Perhaps it could fill in on the gaps that the S8 left. One thing that can be said about technology is that the advanced products are not always going to be the better products. There are many cases when newer products have caused people to miss the older products because of the power it had.

Fortunately, Samsung has looked at what it can improve on its new phone design and has come up with some rather small improvements that will actually be worth it for the phone. Samsung has scheduled a launch event in which it is going to go into detail about the new phone. Among the topics that will be covered will be the camera and the new wallpaper of the phone. The launch event is scheduled for February 25.

Samsung was the leader in the tablet market. Now it is taking over the smartphone market. Even though it has dipped into the smartphone market while it was handling the Samsung Galaxy Tablet series, it is putting more effort into smartphones and competing with the likes of Moto, HTC, ZTE, and LG. This is a very excited time for people that are into smartphones. They get to learn about the features of the new phone and decide whether or not it is worth getting the upgrade.

Apple To Unveil the Latest in its Tablet With Its Latest Design

Even though companies have all but stopped making tablets, there is still another tablet that is on the way that is not a 2 in 1. This is the upcoming iPad from Apple. However, it is not like all of the other tablets. Instead, this tablet has a new design that is a lot like the latest Samsung Galaxy Phone. It has a screen that pretty much takes up the whole surface. The screen is almost 13 inches long which is pretty much larger than most tablets that are available.

Back when tablets have been a big thing, the size of the screen seemed to be 10 inches at the most. Many tablets were sold at as small as 6 inches when it comes to screen sizes. However, there has been changes in the market when it comes to tablets. For one thing, more tablets have been released with keyboards as 2 in 1 tablets. There is not much telling about what is happening with the upcoming iPad. One thing that is certain is that it is going to have to compete with the other tablets which are not similar to laptops with keyboards attached to them.

One thing that people have decided is that for the most part, the touchscreen only device is best left to the smartphones. However, given that Apple knows how to sell the products, it could turn out to be another well selling product. Among the features the new iPad would have is face ID, which is very similar to the features that the iPhone X has. Of course as more information is released, there will be more anticipation for the upcoming product.