What’s The News On Product Recognition?

Search engines are great. They were designed a few decades ago, at the beginning of the consumer based Internet. The searcher simply types a few search words into a search engine and they are presented with the top links that match their search words. However, a quiet revolution was going on behind the scenes that was quietly changing the way that people and marketers operate on the Internet. The fact is that product recognition has been slowly taking over the way that a consumer looks for information on the Internet. It started with visual displays directed at mobile users and has slowly expanded to all devices that connect with to Internet.

What is Product Recognition?
Well, in simple terms, it is a visual search for information using a special type of software installed on a mobile device or computer. Here is an example of visual search. A mobile user is in a store and spots an item they are interested in buying. The mobile user would like to know more about the product before purchasing. The consumer takes a picture of the item with their smartphone. The user instantly receives more information about the product via the product recognition software or Apps that are installed on their mobile device.

Marketing and Product Recognition
Marketers are excited about product recognition software and Apps. Many serious marketers view this as a way to gain more product recognition or brand recognition. They are sure that this new application makes it possible to reach a wider audience and gain more customers without necessarily broadening their initial advertising strategies. Certainly, this is also a great benefit to the consumer. The consumer is able to find relevant information with a quick picture and the touch of a button, before making a purchase.

Slyce is a Leader in Product Recognition
Clearly, Slyce is a leader in product recognition. They work with numerous leading manufacturers across the country, providing a way for consumers to easily connect with the company and for the company to easily reach out to potential customers through visual search. Slyce is a leading innovator in product recognition. They’ve developed advanced visual technology that easily captures images that are taken and match them up through a visual search. This new and advanced search technology is not the future. It is already here. Those that do not use this new technology are losing out to the competitor that is already embracing the advanced marketing technology.

Some Serious People Believe AI Could Be the End of Us

There are those who have contemplated humanity’s demise, and it isn’t a pretty picture. If we are fated for some sort of doomsday, some have forecast it to be from a medical catastrophe, such as an incurable plague, or perhaps a water shortage with so many billions of people on the planet. Some see the end coming from outer space as it was thought to have happened to the dinosaurs. A comet or asteroid striking the earth, if it is big enough, would be enough to end us.

Elon Musk may have been half joking when he said recently that Larry Page should be careful about research into artificial intelligence and buying up lots of robotics companies because he “could produce something evil by accident.” This is actually a serious scenario for our extinction that is held to be a very real possibility by some serious minds such as Stephen Hawking. Folks at Amen Clinics know that the thought of creating what ends up destroying us is not a new one. People may have thought this already about the hydrogen bomb or bacteriological weapons. What’s new about this scenario is being killed by something that we would ostensibly be creating to help us and not to kill people.